Fingerprints Now Required When Entering and Exiting China

Fingerprints Now Required When Entering and Exiting China
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On July 1, the relaxation of restrictions regarding visa-free entry into China was expanded to various areas (including Guangzhou). Further changes saw the requirement of all personnel who enter and exit China to give their fingerprints to the immigration authorities.

Through the method of storing fingerprint data, the authorities will be able to ascertain information such as the profession or the criminal record (if any) of those entering China.  

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I say its always the Chinese who go out to do bad first! And when they are caught and punished. Then they start bringing up new laws! We will all leave as they want! After all there is nothing here that favors the foreigners already! It has always been what the chinese can do, that the foreigners cant! The chinese can smoke freely anywhere and the foreigner cant complain! The chinese will eat a big bowl of noodles and pay wu maio while the foreigners pay as much from wu kuai and over! the chinese can buy houses as they want, the foreigners nope! The chinese can work and do all manner of jobs but the foreigners!A chinese are driving taxis and company cars and trucks in many africa, america and european countries! Can the foreigner drive a taxi here? Nope except to ride in his or her own private cars! Yes, with that we spend our little money on gas, right? Then what next? All our hard earn cash flows back to them. We the biz personals, buy hugely send them to our countries, sell, melt the cash from local currency into the dollars. Then bring it back to again buy from them, right! They always take, never gives! The foreigner marries here and they will give a a sort of visa that u cant work with! Then how do you work to earn some cash for your family? No wonder the own kind get their asses out from here and never dream of getting back! Why because life is meaningful, sweet and lovely outside their own yard! We are not killers, thieves nor evil doers here, we are just common travellers doing bizs and trying to make something meaningful of this lives. So we are ready for all the prints they want. We will give them and wait to see what they wanna do with them!

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I would suggest to all foreigners to go out of china and leave them allone. We will see whats happen then ...

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to me it looks to be a new system to give more jobs to Chinese, and make it more hard for people like me, that have give 10 years of my life to the PRC, only to find my health is bad with fatty liver from eating the food, and if I can not take all my computer system back to Australia with all my movie s I have download and the movies i have made of my life and friends here, I will have nothing to show for my time here and 10 years of nothing to show nothing. so if any one out there know and can give me any advice on how to go back to my country and take every thing with me, I have a lot of things as in computer things and electronics, could you drop me a message here.

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I crossed the border from Shenzhen to HK on Monday, and back again yesterday without having to scan my fingerprints...

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Yes, even they did not asked my finger prints when I entered China last weekend from Macao.

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