Female University Students Rent Out Their Thighs for Advertising

Female University Students Rent Out Their Thighs for Advertising
May 21, 2014 By eChinacities.com

A few female students at the Central University of Economics and the Central Minorities University have been following a new trend in the marketing world. As part of an advertising campaign for menstrual pad company, U Fresh, the girls rented out their upper thighs as advertising space. The trend was originally started in Japan and was wildly successful.

The girls had the QR codes of the company stuck onto their thighs, which people could come and scan to get information. The new medium was very popular with the boys who got the chance to shamelessly get up close and personal with the thighs of pretty girls.

The short skirted girls, with the advertising in a suggestive location opened the brand and the girls to all kinds of criticism but so far they seem clear of reproach. Most people appear to think that it is a nice way for university students to make some extra pocket money and that the skirts aren’t much shorter than an average girl would wear.

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No sex or nudity on tv but it's ok to show it on the street. Just as it'sfine to show a Japanese soldier being shot in the face or sliced in two. The censorship has no rhyme or reason.

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From this comment, several others, and the fact that you think you're a lord- I'm beginning to think that you are some religious freak that's come to China to reek religious bigotry... what's the matter? no virgin village girls in your lovely space under a rock?

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