Drunk Man Tries to Make Ex-Girlfriend Take Her Clothes Off in Public

Drunk Man Tries to Make Ex-Girlfriend Take Her Clothes Off in Public
Dec 03, 2015 By eChinacities.com

On November 29, at 10 pm, Jiang and his friends were eating and drinking together at Liuzhou’s Basha Road. Drunk Jiang remembered that his ex-girlfriend, who had just broken up with him, still owed him a lot of money that he had loaned her while they were dating. He called his girlfriend and told her to come over and pay him back at least 2,000 Yuan.

Jiang’s ex-girlfriend, Xiao Juan, grabbed one of her friends. They went to Basha Road together and gave Jiang the 2,000 Yuan. When Xiao Juan handed over the money, Jiang grabbed her and would not let her go.

Xiao Juan said that she could give Jiang another 500 Yuan, hoping that he would let her go. Jiang still held on to her. Xiao Juan’s friend did not know what to do, and called the police.

When Liuzhou local police arrived, Jiang was still holding on to Xiao Juan. Police tried to make him let go of her. Jiang shouted that he did not want 500 Yuan from Xiao Juan, but that she was wearing underwear that he had helped buy. He demanded that she take her clothes off immediately, and then he would let go of her.

Jiang’s demands, were of course, ridiculous. Police immediately criticized him. After receiving criticism from the police, Jiang let Xiao Juan go and let her leave.

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Sources tell me he also demanded back the used condoms from her trash can. He even demanded she wash them first before receiving them.

Dec 03, 2015 22:58 Report Abuse



Criticized! That oughta teach him...

Dec 03, 2015 21:25 Report Abuse



Ahhhhh Chinese men , they never have the wedding ring in their finger and when you ask them why ? you are a married man , they say'' not comfortable or not our culture '' in this way if you ask their wife answer is the same . The fact is they want play outside with other women .... Chinese are good for bringing up an excuse for everything , crazy traffic ? too much population , ok japan is busy country too and they have 25 times less land than china and 1/10 of population, cheating , scam, food, woman,,,,,,, excuse excuse and excuse .The police needed to kick the ass of guy and arrest him

Dec 03, 2015 21:05 Report Abuse



This relationship is over.

Dec 03, 2015 21:05 Report Abuse



Grabbing and holding any person and not allowing them to leave while demanding they remove their clothes is sexual assault. But in China this is routinely unpunished because women are not considered equal. China loves to look down on India for this very same reason but China does exactly the same thing.

Dec 03, 2015 18:34 Report Abuse



You might have trouble making that one stick even in the West. If he actually tried to remove the clothes it would definitely be sexual assault. But simply holding on to the woman while telling her to give them to him is the kind of drunken idiocy that doesn't usually end in a jail sentence.

Dec 04, 2015 17:03 Report Abuse



Is this the chinese way?

Dec 03, 2015 18:06 Report Abuse