Drug Dealer in Hunan Brought the Goods with Her at Arraignment

Drug Dealer in Hunan Brought the Goods with Her at Arraignment
Aug 09, 2016 By eChinacities.com

Recently, alleged drug dealer Zeng was accompanied by her husband Zhang for her arraignment hearing at a courthouse in Xiangtan City of Hunan Province. She would be charged with drug trafficking and burglary. No one expected that Zeng would bring 19.6 grams of heroin with her for the court hearing. Yet she did exactly that.

During the security check at the courthouse, officers found a suspicious substance wrapped in red plastic in Zeng’s right pants pocket. When asked to hand over the item for further inspection, Zeng refused and snuck the wrapped goods to her husband Zhang. Zeng’s rather conspicuous act understandably brought suspicion. The officers promptly put the pair under control and initiated courthouse emergency response procedures. After further inspection and questioning, Zeng admitted that the suspicious package is in fact heroin. Police were called to the courthouse and took Zeng and Zhang into custody. At the station, the substance was officially confirmed to be heroin, weighing exactly 19.6 grams .

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Wait a minute, didn't this occur years ago? Are you regurgitating old news?

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