Chongqing Woman Stopped for Drunk Driving Exposes Shoulders and “Teases” Police

Chongqing Woman Stopped for Drunk Driving Exposes Shoulders and “Teases” Police
Jul 08, 2016 By

A woman tried to “seduce” police officers in Chongqing on Wednesday evening after she was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. When it did not work, she tried to abandon her SUV and flee on foot.

Chongqing Jingbei district police set up check points to stop and test drivers for drunk driving. That evening, a woman in an SUV drove past the check point was stopped by police.

The female driver, Ye, 31, was clearly intoxicated when police pulled her over. Police asked her to blow into the breathalyzer. She began to yell at police not to touch and said she did not want to take the test. Police tried to reason with her and hoped that she would cooperate and take the test.

Instead, Ye lifted her shirt, exposing her shoulders to the police. She shouted, “Look! Look!” and continued to tease them. The male police officers felt helpless in the situation and did not want to touch Ye. They asked a female police officer working nearby to come and help.

When the female officer arrived at the scene, Ye still was reluctant to accept the breathalyzer test. While police were discussing what to do, Ye tried to leave her SUV and flee on foot. She ran 30 meters until the police caught up with her. Police then took her to the local hospital for a blood test.

In the hospital, Ye finally agreed to take the breathalyzer test. Her BAC was measured at 39mg/100ml. She was pulled over at 9 PM and did not take the test until 11 PM.

Ye’s license was suspended for six months and she will be fined 1,000 RMB to 2,000 RMB. The case is currently still being processed.


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Good thinking by the policemen to call for a female police for help. If she had enough audacity for play the sex-card, then she would as easily accuse the male officers from sexually assulting her. These sort of things easily escalate in media for the "victims" favor, even if it's clear that police didn't do anything wrong.

Jul 14, 2016 17:28 Report Abuse



I thought a couple weeks of detention was the norm for this in China, even without trying to run away....

Jul 10, 2016 00:53 Report Abuse



wtf, only 2000 RMB, that is NOTHING. PPL in china that drive and owns a car and easily shred out 2000. In china, only the rich can afford such cars. Their income must be well above the avg. For example, can an avg middle class earner of 5000-6000 (after tax) afford a car/license/etc. ONly those making well over 10k (after tax) probability could. I see so many illegal parking on sidewalks and etc and only ticking 200 is PENNIES to those drivers/owners. They will just continue to risk it, because convenient is better than being risk the fine of 200rmb (in shanghai)

Jul 09, 2016 10:28 Report Abuse



The ban from driving will have a better impact I am sure. They should confiscate the car though.

Jul 09, 2016 16:29 Report Abuse



chinese males feel helpless when confronted with drunk chicks...

Jul 09, 2016 07:33 Report Abuse



The police had no idea what to do, what a bunch of cretins. If she had pulled that one in England she would have been detained at the police station until they could assertain the level of alcohol in her blood. Police here really are a bunch of incompetents.

Jul 08, 2016 22:04 Report Abuse