Chongqing Restaurant Offers Discounts Based on Weight

Chongqing Restaurant Offers Discounts Based on Weight
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According to CRI English, a restaurant in Chongqing has come up with a new promotion; customers are weighed and offered discounts based on their weight. For men, the heavier they are, the larger the discount. Women however, are offered a discount based on how little they weigh.

In fact, if a woman weighs less than 34.5 kilos she gets her meal for free! A pretty safe deal for the restaurant as any adult that weighs that little probably doesn’t ingest too much food.

There is also apparently a restaurant in Shanghai that operates on a similar basis; people are offered discounts according to their height.

Source: CRI English

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This girl whose parents have made an online appeal for help because she is suffering from severe anorexia is too heavy to get a free meal at this restaurant

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It is also interesting to note that the restaurant is implicitly suggesting that women should loose (more) weight and/or become underweight (34.5kg being dangerously underweight for an adult).

Dec 12, 2014 23:37 Report Abuse



Its an interesting restaurant, lol !!!! Making men fatter and the ladies thinner, I think it'll work out fine, as far as the food is good :)

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