Chinese Woman Gives Birth in Street, Walks Home with Baby

Chinese Woman Gives Birth in Street, Walks Home with Baby
Sep 06, 2017 By

A video has emerged showing a woman in southern China apparently giving birth in the street before picking up her baby and calming walking home.

The incident happened in the city of Yunfu while the expectant mother was out shopping for fruit and vegetables.

The woman was heard screaming as her waters broke, just a few seconds after which a baby dropped between her legs while she was still standing.

The newborn can be seen flailing at the woman’s feet while anxious onlookers call for help (and film the scene on their phones, naturally).

The new mother, reported to be in her 30s, apparently refused to go to hospital as she was worried about the cost.

Bystanders, however, called an ambulance, whose staff cleaned and checked the baby before handing it back to the woman.

Witnesses say she remained standing during the entire ordeal and did not even appear fazed or tired.

Footage of the new mother walking home with a blood-stained dress, the baby in one hand and her shopping in the other has gone viral in China.

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Yet you get the others here making the mother stay in bed for a month after the birth and generally treating her like a f***ing invalid.

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Geez, that's a pretty rough start to life. I hope that mum and baby are safe and well.

Sep 07, 2017 09:11 Report Abuse