Chinese Police Now Required to Film and Record Most Incidents

Chinese Police Now Required to Film and Record Most Incidents
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The Ministry of Public Security officially implemented its new “Public Security Organ Video and Audio Recording Worksite Enforcement Provisions,” on July 1. The provisions state that there are six situations in which officers should film and record, and that officers should be equipped to be able to film and record when necessary.

The provisions require that officers film and record activities during the following six situations:

1) After receiving a public warning or a 110 alarm
2) During examinations and interrogations done at crime scenes
3) During routine checks and incidents related to immigration issues, fire safety issues, traffic issues and accidents, and other criminal acts during which tickets and penalties are given on the spot.
4) During interrogations, searches, seizures, and detentions at a crime scene
5) In fire management and traffic safety management situations, such as the removal of obstacles or stoppage of construction teams.
6) In major emergencies with mass casualties.

The provision clearly states that officers should start filming and recording when they arrive on the scene. Filming should be continuous until the incident has ended or the criminal suspects have been processed in the police station.


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