Chinese Pay for Expensive Japanese Rice: Turns Out it’s from Liaoning

Chinese Pay for Expensive Japanese Rice: Turns Out it’s from Liaoning
Mar 03, 2015 By

Spurred by food-safety concerns, Chinese people have been increasingly paying out huge sums for imported rice from Japan, with one mainlander even spending 1,500 RMB on 5 kilos of rice.

However, it has emerged that one particular brand of the ‘tuhao’ rice, which costs 150 RMB for 500 grams, is actually exported to Japan from Liaoning Province and can be purchased for around 6 RMB for 500 grams.

This is just the latest in a continuing craze for products made in Japan. Reports from Tokyo have claimed that Chinese tour groups have been sweeping in and cleaning out entire departments due to a recent trend in Japanese toilet seats.

Source: Tencent

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Same thing is happening in Europe - cosmetics in France and furniture/garments in Italy. Most probably also in Greece/Spain or any country in crisis with a name and a star product to sell. Substandard products are imported and re-exported just for the sake of the "Made in" tag. In the best case, they actually produce locally, just on the lowest of standards.

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They don't know is that the good quality ones are all exported abroad, and the crappy ones are sold domestically, hence cheap.

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The "Chinese so clever" approach to everything always bite you in the ass later... As I overheard in some conversations : "use Chinese are *too* clever".

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In China you can buy something cheap and be 100% sure that it's crap or you can buy something expensive and hope for the best. When you buy the expensive product there's at least a small chance that it's decent quality.

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