Chinese Mars Mission Applicants Demand Refund

Chinese Mars Mission Applicants Demand Refund
May 27, 2013 By

Remember the article we ran on the 600+ Chinese applicants who signed up for the Mars One mission? Well, it seems that after party-poopers Xinhua quoted the Dutch company’s CEO Bas Lansdrop as saying the goal of establishing a four-person colony on Mars by 2023 may not actually be achieved, many of the applicants are demanding their money back.

Astoundingly, since we last covered the story the number of Chinese applicants has risen to 10,000, with each of them paying a fee of 11 USD to sign up for a chance to go to the red planet. Many of those who signed up however are now demanding their money back, following the recent revelations from the ever-trustworthy Xinhua that made the ambitious project “look like a scam” according to some netizens.

Xinhua also shamed the Mars One company by stating that the company registered in 2011 with only one employee, and currently rents a poorly furnished office in the Dutch city of Amersfoort.

What do you think—Is the Chinese media machine simply embarking on another smearing campaign because it’s embarrassed so many of its citizens are so readily willing to leave China for a life on a frozen barren wasteland? Or is this just another scam that’s been busted?

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Source: Want China Times

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