Chinese MBA Graduate Selling Chinese-style Barbecue Kebabs on Boston Street

Chinese MBA Graduate Selling Chinese-style Barbecue Kebabs on Boston Street
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Chinese MBA Graduate Selling Chinese-style Barbecue Kebabs on Boston Street

As a result of the economic crisis in the USA, many Chinese foreign students are having a difficult time finding employment. As such, some people have founded their own businesses in answer to this problem. Liu Xiao is such a person. Liu comes from Beijing, and graduated this year from Babson College where he attained his MBA. On July 1, Liu started to sell barbecued kebabs on the streets of Boston. These kebabs make Chinese nationals that have immigrated over to the USA reminisce of the sweet aromas back in their hometowns; lamb skewers, Chinese meat sandwich, and “cold noodles”.

Among Boston’s overseas Chinese community, the food cart operated by Liu Xiao called “Second to None BBQ” is very popular. Overseas students make up a large part of this community, and many Chinese treats can be seen in Boston’s Chinatown area; “Second to None BBQ” is the first such food cart to have ever sold barbecue in Boston.

Once having appeared at the location of Chinatown’s subway station, one can readily see this large red food cart, with the Chinese characters for “Genuine lamb skewers” painted on the side, and “Second to None BBQ’s” logo. The food cart has also been christened an English name - “Wow Barbecue”.

The business was started by Liu and three other people, but Liu is the only one who works full-time. All four are Chinese foreign students that have graduated from US schools, and all have their own jobs. Liu says that their initial investment was not very much; the four of them together invested less than 100,000 USD. As for the decision to sell barbecue as a business, his family are all very supportive. Liu said, “In the USA, there is no distinction between the respectability of job. So long as it is successful, selling barbecue meat skewers is not bad.”

After three to four months of hard work, “Second to None BBQ” has finally begun to make a profit. As such, Liu has already purchased a second food cart, and an increasing number of customers have begun to trust their brand of barbecue meat. Here’s wishing to their continued success!

Source: Xinhua

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can't find work 'cause the system requires they only pay, not learn

May 25, 2016 06:17 Report Abuse



I see that BBQ van and trying very hard , really very hard, find a bit of memory, when I saw something like this in China. Hell, this I can call business unit. And clean. The street cart with all the dust and rust on meat, here ...

Nov 10, 2013 23:44 Report Abuse



Awesome, lol. Btw, that is one muscular Chinese guy, definitely wearing some American muscle.

Nov 09, 2013 13:28 Report Abuse



25,000 for a business that is already showing a profit after only 3 months isn't that much really.

Nov 08, 2013 21:32 Report Abuse



Yes, as long as he need not pay back the other investors.

Nov 10, 2013 21:05 Report Abuse



"less than 100'000 dollars" is not that much? In whose world?

Nov 08, 2013 17:59 Report Abuse