China Hotel Guest Injured by Hedgehog in Pillow Case

China Hotel Guest Injured by Hedgehog in Pillow Case
Sep 22, 2017 By

A female hotel guest in central China found herself with an unwelcome bed partner this week after a hedgehog reportedly burrowed into her pillow case.

Police had to be called to the Mong Kok Hotel in Xi’an, Shanxi province, on Wednesday morning after the hotel owner and a group of guests apparently came to blows over the prickly discovery.

According to the Hangzhou-based City Express newspaper, one woman reported being “attacked” in her room.

When her friends came to investigate, they said they found blood stains on the pillow and a hedgehog inside the pillow case.

One of the group, nicknamed Xiao Li, immediately reported the situation to the hotel landlord, who refused to admit fault.

“We told him there was a hedgehog in the room, but he kept denying it,” said Xiao Li.

The landlord told the newspaper that the rooms are cleaned daily and no previous guests had reported encountering the spiky beast.

Police did indeed later find a hedgehog hiding under the bed. What a lot of pricks! 

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