Chengguan Office Building Uses Sprinklers to Drive Away Homeless

Chengguan Office Building Uses Sprinklers to Drive Away Homeless
Jan 05, 2015 By

A Chengguan’s office in Guangzhou has fixed sprinklers to its exterior in the hope of driving away homeless people.

Since the end of last month, the local city managers office has been periodically sprinkling the sheltered area at the bottom of the building to discourage the 20 or so homeless people who had taken to sleeping there.

The sprinkler system goes off once every two hours, for twenty minutes at a time and has been successful in driving away the people who used to sleep rough there.

When asked to comment, the Chengguan office said that the measure was ‘necessary ‘ in order to ‘beautify the city’.


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In Europe, we got those benches designed to seat on, but impossible to sleep on. Damned homeless people making cities ugly, they ruin everything.

Jan 06, 2015 09:09 Report Abuse



Let's spend money installing a sprinkler system but give nothing to help these people. Great idea!

Jan 05, 2015 20:47 Report Abuse



There's nothing one can do when the entire country is run by donkeys. Hopefully some day people will get tired of it.

Jan 05, 2015 21:47 Report Abuse



It is nice to know the government is doing its part to help it's citizens. Such a just communist society, where everyone is equal and provided for.

Jan 05, 2015 18:22 Report Abuse