CCTV-Led Celebrity Attack on Apple Fails to Fool Netizens

CCTV-Led Celebrity Attack on Apple Fails to Fool Netizens
Mar 29, 2013 By

During the evening of Friday March 15, many well-known Chinese celebrities released statements on Weibo attacking Apple for their treatment of Chinese customers; a move that coincided with the broadcast of a CCTV show on consumer rights, which also highlighted the issue. The show addressed the issue regarding why Chinese consumers aren’t eligible for free replacements of faulty back covers for phones, while consumers in other countries are. Many netizens were sceptical of the move by these celebrities and expressed curiosity as to whether they were simply being told by CCTV to criticize Apple. It was actor Peter Ho who reinforced the scepticism, as his Weibo post seemingly referenced the fact he was under orders. The words “To publish around 20:20” were written at the bottom of his post, causing China’s ever-observant netizens to speculate accordingly. Ho later published another post claiming that his Weibo account had been hacked, and that it wasn’t him who’d written the previous post.  

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