Beijing Students Protest for Better Sex Education

Beijing Students Protest for Better Sex Education
Aug 11, 2014 By

Students in China are taking their education into their own hands and protesting for a more open dialogue and better education surrounding sex.

Students of Beijing Normal University held a 15 minute demonstration at the campus on August 6, holding signs that read “University students want sex education”, “Porn isn’t sex education” and “We want safe sex, we want joyful sex”.

Sex education is close to nonexistent and the ignorance surrounding sex, menstruation and pregnancy is ‘ridiculous’, according to one protester, Dada, whose boyfriend until very recently believed that menstrual blood is blue, because that’s how it looks on the adverts.

More worrying, is the 2011 market research survey that found that only 50 percent of Chinese college students claimed to use contraception during sex, and the statistics from the National Health and Planning Committee that show that 13 million Chinese women get abortions each year.

The protestors are planning to continue demonstrating; the next day they moved their demonstration to a nearby subway station.

“We hope our voices can be heard by more people and they can join us in our campaign,” Dada said.


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I understand the China context, but I am still going to say that sex education is not the responsibility or domain of academic institutions. Sex education is the responsibility of your parents. So, go to your parents. I will teach my kids about sex, and I want the institutions that my kids attend to teach them the "Three R's." This is not a difficult thing. Don't get wrapped around the axle here!

Aug 14, 2014 07:25 Report Abuse



You state what you believe but you don't state why you believe it. Why shouldn't academic institutions teach sex education?

Aug 14, 2014 15:52 Report Abuse



First off, "wrapped around the axle" sounds like a euphemism:-) Second, learning about the "birds and the bees" is something that is much less awkward coming from a teacher than your parents. Some kids learn about it both ways. The more informed on the topic, the better. Ignoring the topic all together is futile in the information age. Like someone above said, they can "Baidu it".

Aug 14, 2014 19:18 Report Abuse



The level of ignorance and mis-information in the whole area, especially as sex-ed covers not only the basic biology but also sexual health and STI's, is shocking. The Chinese government can not blame foreigners for the level of HIV and STI's in the country because their activity is minimal compared to the local mistress/KTV girl culture that is 'traditional'. Neither are foreigners to blame for the ignorance of the population when it comes to personal responsibility. Unless something is done SOON, more people will die through ignorance, and with the one-child policy, this will have serious consequences.

Aug 13, 2014 23:58 Report Abuse



All the students need to know is two words: "Baidu it"

Aug 11, 2014 23:15 Report Abuse



The next scene will be like a scene in the "Dictator", a man in green army suit signals his hands to his throat, soldiers carry the demonstrators away,and you'll never see the demonstrators again...

Aug 11, 2014 21:20 Report Abuse