Back to China? Google Posts 60 China-Based Positions on LinkedIn

Back to China? Google Posts 60 China-Based Positions on LinkedIn
Jan 08, 2016 By

The rumors that Google is trying to break back into the China market seem to be true! China Daily reported that the company posted 60 new positions in Beijing and Shanghai on LinkedIn on Thursday.

Google has not officially announced their return to the Mainland Chinese market, but LinkedIn data and recruiting information since December 2015 show that the company’s potential return date is getting closer.

The tech giant is currently recruiting software developers, post-engineering directors, and positions in advertising and sales, product management, customer relations. The company is searching for talent at all levels from interns to executives. Google told the Chinese media that the company is hiring staff in the Chinese region. Google said that recruitment efforts in China in the past three years in China have actually fallen a little flat.

Google entered the Chinese market in 2005, but exited in 2010 when the company was unwilling to accept China’s regulatory requirements. Now, Google’s services including Google Search and Email do not work inside Mainland China.

Executive chairman of Alphabet, Google’s new parent company, Eric Schmidt visited China in November 2015. Schmidt said that Google never really left China completely as the company still has about 500 employees and offices in Mainland China and servers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“We are hoping to provide services to China, and we will continue to maintain communications with the Chinese government,” Schmidt said in November.

Reuters reported in November that Google plans to re-enter the Mainland in February 2016 with a Google Play store tailored for the Chinese market. The Chinese version of Google Play will contain apps including Alipay and WeChat.


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Crawl Google, Crawl. On your knees!

Jan 13, 2016 23:16 Report Abuse



Since Snowdon everyone knows these tech companies help the US gov to spy on their users so Google can no longer claim the moral high ground. It's coming back with its tail firmly between its legs.

Jan 09, 2016 14:59 Report Abuse



profit trumps patriotism

Jan 09, 2016 03:54 Report Abuse



Could one reason that Google's recruitment in China has fallen flat be the fact that the local staff want too many naps?

Jan 08, 2016 22:48 Report Abuse