Awesomely Cute Disabled Dog A Big Hit in Nanchang

Awesomely Cute Disabled Dog A Big Hit in Nanchang
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On July 21, the Nanchang Small Animals Protection Association (yes, such things do exist in China) hosted a charity event on the streets of Nanchang. The height of the afternoon was when this cheery, fighter of a pup strolled onto the scene in something slightly resembling a wheelchair for dogs. It was learned that the dog had paralysis in its hind legs.

Many onlookers were quick to show a liking to the dog and erupted in roars of encouragement as it made its way across the street. Mr Zhang, a spokesman for the Association, stated that the dog, named Xiong Xiong, was found abandoned on a road back in 2010. At the time it was already paralyzed though the association was quick to help it and had the chair specially made just for Xiong Xiong.

It’s good to see some heartwarming dog-related news in China, as opposed to this.

Source: China News

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