A woman who left her car blocking the entrance to a residential estate in Benxi city, Liaoning, came back to find a more convenient parking spot had been allocated to her - the roof of the gatehouse.

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According to Sina news, the woman threw a huff when she was asked to pay a parking fee at the community’s gate in the morning.

The dispute ended with the woman abandoning her car at the entrance, blocking the way for other vehicles.

After several hours a crane was called to remove the car, although it seems someone had the bright idea to plonk it down on top of the gatehouse roof. Obviously they were confident in the building’s structural integrity!

When the woman returned, no doubt even more incensed, she and the community representative were asked to attend the local police station to settle the argument. Afterwards the car was returned to street level.

Photos of the incident have since been doing the rounds on Chinese social media platforms, with netizens applauding the community management and the crane operator for their amusing solution. 

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