Alien Meat? Family Shocked when Pork Begins to Emit Blue Light

Alien Meat? Family Shocked when Pork Begins to Emit Blue Light
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Mr. Jian purchased a few pounds worth of pork from the local market last Monday. The family cut up the meat, salted and flavored it, and put it in a large pot to let it marinate. Everything looked normal…at first.

The next morning, something strange happened. Mr. Jian woke up to get a class of water at about 5 am and saw that the pot was glowing. He took a step closer, peered inside, and gasped in surprise. “The meat was glowing blue, and emitting a dim light. I quickly turned off all the lights, and it started glowing.” He quickly woke his wife and showed her the glowing blue pork.

The news of the strange luminous meat spread quickly. The Jian’s neighbors all came over to see it.

The butcher from the local market said the meat had come from the regular wholesaler that he had always used. He said he could not explain why the pork was glowing.

The Food and Drug Administration got word of the strange meat and decided to investigate the space. Samples of the glowing blue pork were lab tested. Staff say that the tests were inconclusive but they suspect that the blue glow was a result of excess amounts of phosphorus in the pig’s feed.

FDA staff said that they plan to follow-up with more tests. However, a representative reminded the public that glowing pork should not be consumed if found. 


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Keep it up, you guys are giving birth to a new humanoid race, one that glows blue in the dark.

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