Advisors Call for Stricter Regulation of Internet Slang

Advisors Call for Stricter Regulation of Internet Slang
Jan 27, 2015 By

Following the editing out of cleavage by the State Administration of Film, Radio and Television, a political advisor has now suggested that internet slang be regulated.

Zhang Huaiqiong, a Shanghai official said that slang is ‘linguistic pollution’. She used as an example, the popular word ‘diaosi’ (屌丝) which means ‘loser’ when both characters are used together; However, on its own, the first character in fact is a crude word for penis.

Zhang isn’t totally against new words though; she said that some new slang such as ‘Zhonguo Da Ma’- a word to describe China’s formidable middle aged lady population- is perfectly acceptable.

Source: Shanghai Daily

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The Thought Police. Neuter and erase any creativity, and then wonder why people are not very creative. I prefer the Sergent's Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band...

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