5 First-Class Passengers Disrupt Flight in Chongqing; Are Anything But Classy

5 First-Class Passengers Disrupt Flight in Chongqing; Are Anything But Classy
Aug 12, 2013 By eChinacities.com

Airport antics in China are a never-ending occurrence. Literally each week new stories emerge of passengers losing it and causing embarrassing scenes at airports. The latest story making the rounds on social media sites is an incident that occurred at Chongqing’s Jiangbei Airport on August 8.

On said date, a Hebei Airlines flight was travelling from Nanning to Shijiazhuang with a stopover in Chongqing. In contrast to the usual flight delays and late arrivals that plague Chinese airports, this flight actually arrived seven minutes ahead of schedule at 21:03. The final leg onwards to Shijiazhuang was schedule for take-off at 22:10. All good right?

It would have been had five first class passengers not kicked up a fuss about the lack of a special first class bus to take them directly to the next aircraft. According to the airline, no such service is currently being offered. While all other passengers made their way to the connecting flight, these five refused to board the next aircraft.

After a while, the captain clearly ran out of patience and decided to take off without them. As the plane closed its cabin doors and prepared to take off, the unimaginable happened: the five passengers reportedly latched onto the wheels of a pushback tractor attached to the aircraft, preventing it from departing.

Police eventually took the pathetic passengers away and after a round of questioning and lecturing, let them go. Lucky for these non-classy passengers, Hebei Airlines arranged to put them on another flight back to Shijiazhuang on the very same day.

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Hilarious. You just can't make up a dumber story. I dare you to even try. No punishment, so they'll do it or something similar later.

Aug 17, 2013 09:17 Report Abuse



After having read several other reports on plane disturbances recently I'm actually glad to read about people acting like idiots, rather than assaulting airline staff as mentioned in some other articles (as if some stewardess has any influence on a flight's getting delayed). It sickened me to read about a grown men punching a stewardess while getting cheered on by other passengers in some newspaper article that came out yesterday. I wish people around here would try to place themselves in others' shoes more often and treat people the way they want to be treated. Who cares if your daddy left you a ton of money, when he couldn't spare the time to teach you some basic manners and humility. Even the most self-centered pompous asshat should be able to realise that these antics will not only hurt people around them but impact their own interests of arriving as soon as possible as well. It's a shame the airline treated them this well, they should've just forced them to sit around all day or find a ticket with a different airline.

Aug 16, 2013 15:48 Report Abuse



Absolute bums of the worst kind - probably their first time on a plane. The person controlling the pushback tractor should have done the world a favor and run them over. Peasants who have money...makes me sick!

Aug 13, 2013 10:12 Report Abuse



Typical grown-up xiaohuangdi attitude--nothing is so good for them that they can't find a completely ridiculous 'slight' to throw a hissy fit about. If it weren't for the lack of a different 'Special Snowflake' bus to differentiate them from the other passengers, it would have been that first class has the same model of seat buckles as the plebs got.

Aug 13, 2013 07:50 Report Abuse



A word that rhymes with hunts.

Aug 12, 2013 17:19 Report Abuse




Aug 12, 2013 19:58 Report Abuse