3 Foreigners Caught Stealing Whiskey in Beijing Supermarket

3 Foreigners Caught Stealing Whiskey in Beijing Supermarket
Jun 08, 2013 By eChinacities.com

Around 4:00 (yes they were probably wasted) on June 2, three foreigners were caught on security camera stealing whiskey at a supermarket near Xiaoyuan Lu in Beijing’s Chaoyang District.

Due to the ridiculous hour, there were only two people working in the store which made it relatively easy for the foreigners to steal the goods. The footage shows that the foreigners split up and stole whiskey, some snacks, and curiously, razors.

Just as they were about to depart the store however, an employee saw what was going on. In the rush that followed, one of the three (a man) was caught, while the other two ran off.

When the police arrived, the 24 year-old culprit stated that they were drinking nearby though had ran out, and felt like injecting a bit of fun into the proceedings of acquiring more booze. The other two foreigners have also been caught, and police are currently dealing with the incident.

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There are good and bad people everywhere.However going to a foreign country to commit a crime is bad.It is not a good thing for a foreigner to commit a crime abroad.If Chinese are committing crimes abroad,let those countries deal with them too.It's not ours to use that as an excuse to commit crimes here.

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Yeah, small cock syndrome. You are suffering from big cock syndrome, that's why you lived in Shanghai, the best city that is supposed to be in China, but is in space according to your mangled brains. If your stay in China was enjoyable you wouldn't have been incessantly complaining about people who has fake degrees and visas to work here. If you were holed up in a tier one city, it means you known very little of China, that's why you complain about everything and at the same time you want people to believe you enjoyed your stay here. Whether people work without visas is non of your business. In the US, people like Paris Hilton carry around marijuana in their purses, but are not thrown into jail, young men from particular races are frisked in the street every minute. Pick the peck in your eye, before you start puffing like a toad. Look, we can use surgical strikes to outwit hollow men like you. Fuck off empty rambler.

Jun 14, 2013 08:01 Report Abuse



Once again you have diarrhea of the mouth. Everything that you say comes out like shit. I'm not double checking my grammar because I could care less; obviously you do (small cock syndrome?) I'm interested to hear what you have to say about this Dr. Lecter. You aren't as evolved as you think you are. If you think that Shanghai for an example is the same as China that is like London is the same as the UK and New York City is the same as the USA. Struggling to sound sophisticated for you... that's a laugh. Obviously I think you are trash and I could care less to go over what I write. And once again and again you are a moron and I am not back to the place which I was born. Insignificant would be to describe your personification. No body listened to me. I just had a job in China stealing whisky and talking to the these amazing individuals like yourself. Lay off the baijiu... i'm sure you can't afford moutai. Anyways... all I see from you is dabian coming out of your mouth over and over again and you have too much time on your hands as you are trash. BTW, you mean like the manholes that a few people have died in China? Awesome way to showcase a country where this is an normality. You are worse to China than the news. Where were the checks and balances in those horrible events. I'm done wasting my time... Shove off sluska

Jun 14, 2013 01:29 Report Abuse



I should improve my English and learn grammar? Hear you:"I heard at one point that people that are not even from 'a' English speaking nation...". I will improve my English when you stop taking ect for etc. " I enjoyed China because I was in Tier one city, not because I was in China" . Yep, the Tier one city was not in China, it was in space. Look, in struggling to sound sophisticated, you only come off as a pretentious and primitive jerk. It's good you yourself decided to like the place you lived in on the mainland. You also decided to go back to the molehole you came from, and because you are insignificant nobody misses you. When were here you rambled like you are rambling now and nobody ever listened to you. We all know the foreigners who have something to contribute in China. You earlier said China is the most racist country in the world, but since you are shamelessly pretentious, you are now saying there are pedophiles all over the world. Why single out China when it comes to racism and extend it to the rest of the world when it has to do with pedophiles? Saying the Chinese judicial system is bad is not the same as making suggestions about child protection. You seem to be worried about everyone being able to get visas to teach in China. 11 million illegal immigrants have been living and working in the US for an eternity. Talk about not seeing the peck in your eye! Again you think China and Russia are up front monitoring their citizens. Yeah, at least they are not the gendarme of the world, monitoring every country on the globe. How long will you live in denial? If you agree a crime is a crime, why would you start quantifying the sentence? If the law systems in the US and the UK are not perfect, what's your beef with the Chinese legal system? You already said the system was bad, now you are saying you are not one to say how it should be. You are right, some Chinese people are proactive members of humanity, just as some Chinese cities can barely qualify for you to live in. In China old women can sue even if you were trying to help, just as Policemen will frisk people on the streets in the US and throw many of them into jail for looking the way they are. Logic?

Jun 13, 2013 23:18 Report Abuse



One, improve your English and learn grammar and don't put words in my mouth. You are taking fragments from sentences and putting them together like a factory working with spare parts. When I am talking about one thing and then you take another thing from another sentence and try to make them together to prove your point, you are just making yourself look the the moron you are. Google translate might not be the best option for you if you are not aware that you are doing this. I enjoyed China because I was in Tier One City; not because I was in China. It was the only place I would live in mainland. It's accepting and attracts a lot of interesting and vibrant people from a global aspect. I made myself like it otherwise I would have left earlier. Also, if you have some means, Shanghai is quite a livable place in the world. I never said I was Mr. or Mrs. perfect you bigot. There are pedophiles all over the world. I was making a suggestion that there needs to be more steps to protect the children. There are crazy people all over the world. Germany, UK, USA, China, Mozambique, Brasil, wherever. I am just showcasing that anyone can get a visa in China to teach kids English. I heard at one point that people that are not even from a 'English Speaking' nation are using Harvard and Oxford online degrees to get paid more than people that actually have a valid degree. I am saying that when you are a 21 year old Latvian that has no degree (I am using an obscure (Google the word) variety of examples to illistratute my point) and you can get a degree from the London School of Economics online and the school pays the visa office to say your age is 25 and you are an expert, ect. It is the school and the visa office to blame. There is nothing to stop pedophiles from being pedophiles. You never know that they are one until they show their true colors and by then it's too late. I would have them all in jail and had whatever crimes they did to those poor kids to themselves. I am saying that there are steps to warn off them. I don't have the answers to which steps will work because they don't; it is happening everyday and everywhere. You don't live in a civilized wealthy country like Norway and believe that it isn't happening somewhere there. China and Russia are upfront about monitoring their citizens and the USA pretends it isn't you moron. I was saying I don't agree with the monitoring of citizens, but at least they don't try to pretend that they aren't until a whistle blower sheds light on their lies(USA because you are a moron and will think I am talking about China). Hiding in China. That's rich. Obviously I was working here not hiding. You can hide anywhere including your own country. To be frank, China is pretty good about finding people so if I wanted to hide it wouldn't be China. I never said racism doesn't exist everywhere because it does and for our lifetimes I don't think that will change. When push comes to shove, differences are differences and people try to pick the most obvious things to distance themselves from others. At least you won't shoplift whiskey, or rape little boys, but you didn't mention what you might do to little girls. As you have seen in the news these disgusting displays are slowly coming to light. Do you no think that raping little girls is the same thing as raping little boys? Isn't child molestation the same with boys in girls or are your Chinese colors coming to light? See I can also put words in your mouth. A crime is a crime I agree. But there are different levels. If you have the same sentence for a kid that stole a candy bar, and someone that blew up a building of 2,000 people are they not the same? A criminal? This is what you are comparing. Apples to Oranges. Both are round and fruits from a tree but are not the same inside. In the end, the law system in Chinese is unique and I am not one to say how it should be. I'm just saying that there should be checks and balances. The law system in the USA and UK is also not perfect and it's nice to read (not from you obviously) that there are some Chinese citizens that are being proactive citizens of humanity; saving people from drowning ect, instead of worrying about getting sued by some old women that fell, and all you were doing was trying to help. But that's another subject indeed.

Jun 13, 2013 14:53 Report Abuse



Yeah, Mr. Perfect, after all the negative things you are splitting your hair struggling to pull down the place about China, you enjoyed your stay in China. See who the bigot is. See who is now crafting the doom of Chinese and wishing buildings should come down on the inhabitants of the country you enjoyed living in. Before coming to China you were surely aware everything of theirs is fake as you claim, but you still enjoyed yourself. We are really going to blame the schools, the gov't, for the job old pedophiles are doing. It is because there's no law that they are pedophiles! See how low the perfect ones can go! Why should the locals even have to cry out in disgust, when it's normal to blame the activities of pedophiles and shoplifters on the lack of law? You ended your treatise by saying China monitors its citizens more than the US. The devil is always others, but when blue-eyed foreigners come stealing you claim it's because the world is becoming more international. I do agree with you that the bad things you enumerate about China do not seem to be foreign to your country and others. See who is hiding in China and complaining about his country nosing into the affairs of citizens! Mr. Giver of lessons, talking about racism, you had better pick the peck from your eye first. From slavery to frisking people in streets, to living in segregated neighbourhoods , to having an indiscriminate number of blacks and other minorities in prison,betrays all the evil that is inherent with your lifestyle. Yeah, I may burn in one of China's buildings, but what I'm not going to do is before being burnt is shoplift Whiskey or rape little boys for my pleasure. That sense of entitlement that has been decried with young Chinese has to be decried with the same energy. You don't have to go shoplifting, raping girls in streets and boys in schools, because you want to have fun. This is true in China, just as it is in the rest of the world. Nobody is going to gloss over their crimes because they have a negative impression of China or Chinese laws.

Jun 13, 2013 06:10 Report Abuse



Firefighter you are a bigot moron and deserve to live in China; I hope you never get to leave China because any country that could receive you would become less because of you. Yes, some 'non-Chinese' got drunk and had what they thought were fun. The world's becoming more international and non-citizens are going to be doing dumb things everywhere in the world and the local people will cry out in horror. This is something that cannot change. Chinese in general are the most 'openly' racist culture I have ever met and I have been to 50+ countries and lived in China for a while; luckily I am done drinking toxic water, breathing toxic air, eating fake food, drinking fake alcohol (would be funny if the alcohol they stole was fake), and the few years I was in China probably took away that much of my life times two. You ask your Chinese friend about blacks, Indians (another story), ect. and they are very up front about it. Yes, it's disgusting that there are pedophiles teaching Chinese kids English. You want to blame someone, blame the schools, blame the government, and general people. There's no law in China if you have money. You are a 20 year old Brit with a white face and no job with an itch to be around kids, teaching English is perfect in China. It's sad that the schools put money over their students. The visa department is a whole bunch of red envelopes and why are the parents not putting more pressure on the schools. It's not just one incident. In China, if you hear about it in the media, it's probably happened 1000 times more so. If the citizens want this to change they need to take a stance which isn't going to happen. With giving 'blue eyed foreigners' jobs is a complete laugh. You have been beaten by the China book so much your head is seeing things; oh what that's just most Chinese's perception. The wages for most foreigners are below what they would get paid in their home country and it's too complicated to go into because there are a various amounts of levels of work here. English teaching in China is a joke. I'm sorry, I apologize to the real teachers that are trying to make a difference and whatnot, but the kids don't care. They are at school all day and then have to take more classes before taking piano lessons. The last note is I love how SOME Chinese (like this moron FF) pretend to make themselves the victim. This can be said about a lot of countries, but CURRENTLY, if you are in a global business people hate the Chinese companies. They come with money, empty promises, build a 'wall' around their operations, take all of the resources, and then leave with a hole in the ground. Money comes first in China and it's not just China but the world. So, as I am bored, to finish this Firefighter(may you not burn in one of China's building that lock the emergency exits and have no exit routes; truly terrible and I hope the owners are killed) money comes first and Chinese (and most countries) don't value human life. If you want the foreigner 'problem' to get fixed in China. Fix it internally. But it will not happen so have fun with you few articles of silly foreigners stealing fake alcohol from the store while 100's of people died in another factory. Have fun with your countrymen and goodluck! I did enjoy my time in China so no hard feelings towards China. There just needs to have some kind of law; At least China is up front about their monitoring of their citizens which is more than I can say about the USA; but another topic...

Jun 13, 2013 02:05 Report Abuse



You can ramble " ten wrongs make a right"you want,the parents of the boy who raped a girl in Ohio did not go telling people he did it for fun. They knew the magnitude of the problem and looked for ways to buy him out of trouble. But why should shoplifting Whiskey be considered fun in China. Anyhow, now that thieves have moved over here and are putting their trade into practise, I hope the only excuse should be that Chinese also did it somewhere else. The main problem now is not that the action was bad, it is that since Chinese once did it, it is trendy for blue-eyed foreigners to steal in supermarkets and rape both boys and girls.

Jun 13, 2013 00:01 Report Abuse



Give me your contacts and your basic info, firefrighter. I will sue you for falsely acusing me for stealing in shops and for hurting my feelings as a blue-eyed foreigner . !

Jun 14, 2013 16:57 Report Abuse



i feel sorry for you buddy,,you need to upgrade your mind level,,stop talking funny,,meaningless and childish,,

Jul 02, 2013 17:40 Report Abuse



We all know what Chinese do and are capable of doing. But a certain group of people have glorified itself in this China, making it abundantly clear certain things can only be done by the less polished of the world. But it has taken a short time for reality to catch up with them. We accuse Chinese of lying, but they are blue-eyed foreigners here who lie and run down each other to get a head start in jobs. Last time when the British guy tried to rape a girl in the streets of Beijing, they poured in here in numbers trying to orientate the debate towards other races. Why are they not talking today? They have been caught red-handed and off-guard again. Recently when a young Chinese scribbled his name on an Egyptian statue and Chinese became defensive about it, pointing out that foreigners did same on the Great Wall, hell broke loose. Everyone said they wanted to even up. Here are we playing the same game, telling people without blinking that because young men wanted to have fun, it was normal for them to shoplift, just as Chinese do in other countries. Great it is now coming from people who are supposed not to make mistake. They are now telling us there are criminals in every country. In the US, there are people that are frisked in streets just for looking the way they are, but in China someone wants people to believe that it's normal to shoplift because you want to have fun. Pathetic!

Jun 12, 2013 10:28 Report Abuse



Chinese people do worse things oversea.The boys only stole whisky bottles for fun.In my Country two Chinese boys killed a South African IT specialist because he try to be good to them.He once met them at the bar and became friends with them.He invited them at his home since they said they were new intown and were trying to get acquanted. When they saw him write a check,they concluded that he was rich so they came the next day,tie him up and ask him for money,when infact he tried to free himself,they killed him and brought his laptop down the street to sell.Luckly the guy they took the laptop to was a good friend of the dead guy and he contacted the police. The Chinese embassay deny them as Chinese Citizens and give them up.they will riot in prison.one is dead now as I heard.

Jun 12, 2013 06:35 Report Abuse



"The Chinese embassay deny them as Chinese Citizens and give them up" Nice job, don't you think ?

Jun 14, 2013 16:47 Report Abuse



An American raped 7 boys here, another one did it before and was deported there. Who is still going to put his or herself in a moral pedestal here? Are we getting drunk and raping and stealing because one Chinese principal did same? So you are now competing for ostentation in negativity with Chinese? Really pathetic! All I know is that Chinese have been reserving some jobs for blue-eyed foreigners for long now, and I don't remember any other foreign country doing so to Chinese. If you buy my goods whether cheap or expensive that is trade, but when I prefer only you for some, and you turn out to be a jerk, that's pathetic .

Jun 11, 2013 10:12 Report Abuse



must be Americans........

Jun 11, 2013 07:00 Report Abuse



Why don't you go **** yourself? A*****E!

Jun 14, 2013 22:10 Report Abuse



From rape to begging on buses, to stealing in Supermarkets, blue eye foreigners are showing their true colors. They try to out-do each other with the ridiculousness of the crimes they commit. What is the excuse here? That some dimwits were drinking at 4 am? If a Chinese went into a bank in the US at 4 am to steal, he'll will break loose. Some are now saying because Chinese kill babies, they too have to steal from supermarkets. Pathetic! I thought Chinese were making life easy for you by giving jobs to you? So this is how it has ended up?

Jun 09, 2013 16:58 Report Abuse



"From rape to begging on buses, to stealing in Supermarkets, blue eye foreigners are showing their true colors. " I thought the principals who raped their students were chinese. I thought the government official who tried to rape an 11 year old was chinese. I thought the begger today on the subway was chinese, I thought that woman who had her arm broken by supermarket security staff was chinese. I thought the people who ignore laws are rich chinese that can buy their way out of anything. I guess the browned eyed chinse people are showing their true colors. Its not that every chinese person is bad, some are bad, some are good. Its not all foreigners are bad, some are bad, some are good. "I thought Chinese were making life easy for you by giving jobs to you?" I thought the west was making jobs for you by buying your inferior products. does the phrase 'pull the other one' mean anything to you?

Jun 09, 2013 21:11 Report Abuse



The picture proves nothing.

Jun 09, 2013 08:57 Report Abuse



If all foreigners in China are thieves, then all Chinese in China are baby killers. I'd rather be a thief.

Jun 09, 2013 05:58 Report Abuse



that is a little harsh don't you think...but i do get where your coming from!

Jun 09, 2013 10:03 Report Abuse



Well this makes news in China, and Chinese people killing infants and children make news in America. I'd rather be stereotyped along with the dumb drunk kids!

Jun 09, 2013 14:27 Report Abuse



Why do these fuckwits have to come to China and give us all a bad name? It's because of people like these that the decent ones of us are having our lives made miserable by the ever increasing resentment towards foreigners here, hence why the authorities are making visaas harder to get etc.

Jun 08, 2013 19:28 Report Abuse



because they are 24........ Do people not have a laugh when drunk anymore? It is a small, tiny crime of nicking a bottle of piss. 24. If you gotta be a boring old person at that age then life is not worth living anymore. Suits on at 10 people.

Jun 08, 2013 22:05 Report Abuse



Agree, carlstar. I can recall something out of my mind. we was young :-)

Jun 09, 2013 13:19 Report Abuse