21 Year Old Prodigy Gives Away BMW’s to 4 Top Employees

21 Year Old Prodigy Gives Away BMW’s to 4 Top Employees
Jan 07, 2015 By eChinacities.com

A 21 year old woman from Qingdao who started her own company whilst at university has given away BMW’s to four of her top employees as an end of year bonus.

Niu Mudong owns a company that sells skin care, health care and weight loss products and her brand pulls in monthly sales of over 20 million RMB- not bad for someone barely out of their teens.

The four lucky employees who won the cars are all students aged 18-22 and all had yearly sales revenues that reached over 10 million RMB.

Niu sang the team’s praises saying, “They are just extraordinary”.

Source: Xinhua, huanqiu.com

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Prodigy: a person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability Is she a prodigy…? Everyone has their opinion on this. Maybe she is, maybe not. My opinion. If she built up the biz with a lot of her own blood, sweat, tears, etc. then sure, I guess she is one then. So she's a skin products prodigy... meh, yawn, whatever. (Im a fella…don’t really care about skin care tycoons from any nation, China included). If it’s a fluff up piece to make her out to be much more than what she actually is. Well, I guess my reply would be: " meh, yawn, whatever…" BTW. WTH is my BMW ?!

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Either product should be fabulous or a strategy ....Can I know which company is this...

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Even if her father did give her the money to start her business, that is not the point. I've known quite a few Chinese who have taken money from their rich parents and have squandered the lot! Even though China is the land of corruption and bribery, I still do believe that some good people can build legitimate businesses through hard work and determination. This woman may be one of those people. Full credit to her for actually valuing her employees, instead of thinking she is above them.

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yeah! I'm thinking the same, why didn't I think of that!!! For my team for hitting the target incentive LOL

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It is impossible for a new graduate to rent such a big place. I am sure that this business is formed by his father`s money.

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"You're probably just thick like him and trying to stroke him so he'll give you a white monkey salesman job too. Imagine a laowai guanxi network of thickos crawling all of China. I think the merry band of connected laowai cabbages would be even worse than the status-quo who're spitting out the shonky plastic crap for ..." Can't see the thread anymore.. But who do you think you are to come and judge my comment?? Does it upset you that someone younger and Chinese is successful in business?? What do you do better than the others you often rip off because of your frustration?? See how many anti-China comments you always post. What's your job? Teaching without proper qualifications and living off China because back home you were on the dole?? Stop whinging about the bads of China and do something more productive and positive with your life or sod off with your pessimism somewhere else.

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Nice gesture. Smart girl actually rewards her top employees instead of working them into the ground. IF she built this company from scratch... I am VERY impressed. If she used daddy's money to finance it... not so much. But I would have to say those employees did earn them. 10 million RMB in sales... damn.

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There are all kinds of 'daddies' in China, found within the CCP and private companies..... remember that girl associated with the donations to Red Cross during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake who drove a what, Maserati?

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Ahhh...yes, thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your other comments further along this thread too; it is always a pleasure to see someone with a high SQ (spiritual quotient) coupled with high IQ speaks. Your 'conversations' are one of the best examples/illustrations of polarisation. Are you noticing how polarised today's world is; extremes everywhere INCLUDING global weather? Capitalism in my view is using evil to curb evil. I strongly suspect some around here are born evil, it's as if it is in the blood. Ask any experienced kindergarten teacher to pick out the warmongers in his/her class and see how effortless to them the task is. IMHO, one conspicuous mark of evil people is their lack of interest in truths (most therefore don't read much, stop reading right after school), all they want is to win meaning where there is peace they will instigate wars. Another mark is that they have no morals, and they have a problem with those who do because their behaviors without question place them at the bottom rug of the moral ladder, since they do ANYTHING to win. This is also why I say capitalism (competition) is using evil against evil. Karl Marx's way, communism, isn't that different either in that it advocates class WARS. An interesting aspect with the guy --- he came from a religious family; his father being a church minister. Food for thoughts....erh?

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Just got back myself too. Indeed it is a substantial compliment when I said someone has high SQ. Mathematically, I would define it as spiritual maturity divided by infinity. What you have / are accumulating will leave with you when you depart, suffice to say. They are way more valuable than those you cannot take with you. :) Only the wise accumulate this kind of wealth. Yes, SQ is closely related to EQ. The difference to me is that it covers more ground. People with high SQ asks spiritual questions such as the meaning of life, why am I here, who/what am I (really) which people with low SQ don't have a clue or why the high SQ ones consider answers to these spiritual questions so important. And they will NOT understand why for this (their) lifetime. The real issues with the human species originates with the spiritual where, imho, is the spark that sparks off consciousness. The problems we see are results, or manifestations. And you won't be able to find solutions in the physical realm. All solutions here are like dealing with pollutants downstream; all superficial patches here and there. They are NOT root cures. If world leaders are really smart they would include top notch historians in their think tank and listen to them. Why? They can see the human species keep repeating the same mistakes for thousands of years, and therefore can tell those leaders 'if you do this that WILL be the result'. How come? BECAUSE we are talking about the human species here! :) 'He said western thought (especially anglo-american thought) leads to great prosperity at the expense of spiritual emptiness'. He nailed it. Well, the reverse works too. You can say spiritual emptiness is the cause. Who keeps stuffing his/her house with all kinds of rubbish (perks, to them)? Those with an empty house! Well, the kind of spiritual emptiness, the abyss, or void we are talking about can NEVER be filled by material possessions, be it money, women, sex, face, trophies ...etc. The sad thing with the low SQ ones is that they WILL always feel inadequate, always want more, more, more...but whatever they acquire only gives them momentary satiation. When the sun rises that emptiness is back. Sad materialistic, ego-controlled sharks swimming blindly thinking they are progressing. If they are progressing how come that hunger is just as strong as when they started swimming? :) An inbred will always stay inbred and they will NOT begin to understand these things. You can bet his kindergarten teacher, if asked to spot warmongers in his/her class the guy would be identified without a blink. If you think about it, the mess human species has been in for this present civilization is primarily a result of the existence of this evil group --- the warmonger group. This group INSTIGATE wars where there were none. They still do, both as individuals and as a group. Wherever they go you can be sure there will be no peace. Their most common excuse for war is no competition/challenges no improvements. The truth is they are looking for wins, not improvements. You find plenty of these types in casinos and horse races. An enlightening question for you who are obviously highly familar with history -----> In the last 5000 years, i.e. with this present civilization, HOW MUCH has the human species E V O L V E D? It isn't a trick question, a twenty year old girl answered it without thinking and got the correct answer. Once you can see this....you kind of know what to do.....actually you already are doing it... this is just another one of those confirmations. You are traveling the right direction, imho, the direction all the Greats who walked this planet traveled. :) [I don't know if you agree, but my view is that capitalism and communism are false dichotomies. .... oh yes, completely agree, superficial patches too]

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1. A prodigy, what did she invent, or innovate? 2. How about a guanxi check on her family backgound before making a prodigy out of her? And who were her major customers? Should it be CCP government officials, where did the money come from? 3. With the anti-corruption show the CCP is putting on, you can bet more 'prodigies' like this one would hit the news.

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You just nailed the primarily method of corruption in China; government officials marking up prices to get kickbacks from suppliers, the split is normally 50/50. This method is employed nationwide in all kinds of construction projects. How much are the prices marked up? Recall someone leaked an invoice on the internet coming from the high speed train construction project ---- a roll of tissue paper used in the train's toilets costed RMB1000? Go figure the rest..... If you ever travel on their high speed train make sure you pay their toilet a visit. For the rest of your stay on Earth you can tell everyone how it feels to wipe your ass with a USD160 roll of tissue, in China! lol

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At least she is a prodigy in business considering the money she is generating at her age

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