15,000 Guns Confiscated in Guizhou Police Raids

15,000 Guns Confiscated in Guizhou Police Raids
Apr 15, 2014 By eChinacities.com

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Police in Guizhou have confirmed the biggest arms bust in Chinese history when 15,000 guns and 120,000 knives were confiscated by authorities. In addition, 15 men suspected of making and distributing weapons have been arrested.

The investigation kicked off in September 2013 when a man caught during a robbery in Guizhou’s capital, Guiyang, was found to be in possession of a gun. From there the police slowly tracked the network of the weapon traffickers and found it to be rather extensive; it’s believed to have spread through the majority of China’s provinces and be worth around 60 million RMB.

The manufacture and sale of guns is banned in China but persists due to the high profit yielded from the business.

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