111 Year-Old Man Believed to Have Drunk 8 Tons of Baijiu

111 Year-Old Man Believed to Have Drunk 8 Tons of Baijiu
Sep 23, 2013 By eChinacities.com

“YOLO” (you only live once): four words that Huang Jiazi has taken to heart as the “god of longevity” as he recently celebrated his 111st birthday on September 19. Residing in the district of Jimo in Qingdao, Shandong Province, Huang has celebrated his long expected eleventy-first birthday in proper (Chinese) Tolkien fashion: with wine and moon cakes to celebrate mid-Autumn festival surrounded by his many grandchildren.

However, the frenzy of a life dictated by “YOLO” has had its toll upon Huang whom usually stays at home where his family provides for him. However, Huang doesn’t eat very much due to his poor consumption; usually just zhou (rice porridge), taro root and other things that are soft and “you only chew once”.

What’s unfortunate for Huang is that in his old age he can’t eat his favourite food anymore: meat of pig’s head.

 “Nowadays, he eats rock candy on a daily basis; he eats several kilograms of it every month,” says a family member. Old enough to know for himself, Huang once ate a kilogram of rock candy in a single week. By himself. Likely while other people watched.

But there may be a secret to Huang’s success.

Huang’s longevity and poor consumption may be indications of Huang’s previous habit: regularly drinking baijiu (potent Chinese rice wine) on a daily basis from the tender age of 10 until he was 90 years of age. Yes, for though Huang is in degrading health, his mental faculty is still acute and allows Huang full recollection, perhaps even to remember each blurry-eyed baijiu hangover over the course of his life.

As calculated by a fellow villager, Huang is estimated to have drunk at least eight tons of baijiu over the course of his life; and that is a life well served (with alcohol).

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I knew one day my alcoholism would be a benefit!

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So what I gather from this article is that, as long as your liver does not give out, alcohol is great preservative and helps with memory loss.

Sep 23, 2013 19:16 Report Abuse