11 Million Sign Petition to Protest Yulin Dog Meat Festival

11 Million Sign Petition to Protest Yulin Dog Meat Festival
Jun 13, 2016 By eChinacities.com

Animal rights activists have collected more than 11 million signatures for a petition against the annual Yulin dog-eating festival. The petition condemns the killing and eating of dogs. The activists presented the petition to authorities in Beijing on June 10.

Yulin’s Dog Meat Festival will be held later this month. The number of protests against the festival have increased in the past few years.

BBC reported that 24 activists submitted the petition at the representative office of Yulin in Beijing. The activists brought their pet dogs, and banners with pictures of their pets with the message: “I am not your dinner.”

Yulin’s Dog Meat Festival will begin on June 21. Thousands of dogs will be killed for festival-goers to eat. Animal rights activists report that dogs about to be slaughtered for the festival are packed in crowded, filthy cages. Protesters of the festival report that many area dogs are stolen leading up to the event.

Those who support the festival saw that eating dog meat is no different than eating any other kind of meat.

About 30 million dogs are killed for consumption in Asian countries every year, one-third of these are consumed in China.

In 2014, the Yulin local government backed out of the festival, and it was organized by a private company. The festival has not had official government support since 2014. However, authorities have not stopped restaurants and stands from selling dog meat. Local shop owners merely cover up the sign for “dog meat” on their shop but continue selling it.

Source: wenxuecity.com

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What, that many people don't like hot dogs...

Jun 14, 2016 15:10 Report Abuse



Double that number, and it still won't mean a thing to Beijing.

Jun 14, 2016 08:21 Report Abuse



Make that 11 Million plus 1

Jun 13, 2016 20:13 Report Abuse



in South Korea, Koreans eat dog soup. It is a tradition in that country as well. Those that eat dog, does have a point. We eat cow, chicken, pigs, etc. Although l dont eat dog meat, but those that do, I do understand their viewpoint

Jun 13, 2016 19:47 Report Abuse



I personally signed the petition not because I am against the consumption of dog meat. I am against how they beat them to death because the adrenaline in their bodies "supposedly" adds to the flavour. People's pets are stolen and killed for the festival too. If they want to sell meat they must source it legally and kill the animals in a less cruel manner.

Jun 14, 2016 10:39 Report Abuse