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  • 1. I’ve filled out all of the information to register to my account and clicked submit but the page does not respond, what should I do? Close
    This may be an issue with your browser. We recommend that you replace your browser with Google, Firefox or IE Explorer. If you are still unable to register, please send detailed feedback via our online feedback system.
  • 2. How do I modify or replace my username? Close
    In order to ensure that each user has a unique username individual usernames cannot be changed. If you want to change your username, please register again.
  • 3. How do I edit my registered email address?Close
    Login to your account and click to enter your user information page. On this page, there will be an “Edit Profile,” button which you can click to enter to page on which you can change your registered mailbox.
  • 4. I forgot my username or my password, how do I retrieve it?Close
    Click on the following link to retrieve your account information:// You should receive an email through which you can retrieve your password or username. If you have not received the email please provide feedback through the online feedback system.
  • 5. I retrieved my username and password but cannot log in. What do I do?Close
    Please make sure you have filled in your username and password when you log in. If you are still unable to log in with the correct username and password, please provide feedback on your issue via the online feedback system.
  • 6. I clicked “Send Application,” to send in my resume, but it did not go through, what should I do?Close
    1)First, make sure you have completed the entire online resume.
    2)When you have created your resume click ‘Submit Resume,” in order to apply for jobs online.
  • 7. How do I make my resume searchable?Close
    If your resume is already marked as, “in database,” is it already marked as “searchable.” If your resume is set to “Private,” please click on the “Private,” button, and change the status of your resume to “in database,” which will change its status to “searchable.”
  • 8. Are job postings on eChinacities reliable sources of information? Close
    Before jobs are released on eChinacities, the recruiters are strictly scrutinized. However, users should not rule out the possibly that a “fake,” recruiter was able to successfully register in the system. If you find possible suspicious information you can complete user feedback. If eChinacities finds the posting suspect as well, the company will need to re-verify.
  • 9. Should I directly contact recruiters?Close
    1)Contact (Yes)
       Some companies will leave contact information in their posts, however you must have a complete online resume to view the information.
    2)No Contact (No)
       Many recruiters do not wanted to be contacted by telephone or through any other contact information published on the Internet. Please click on the “Apply for Job,” button below the post in order to send in your resume.
  • 10. How do I delete my account?Close
    If you want to delete your account please provide feedback through the online registration system with your username through your registered email. A site administrator will help you delete your account. Once your personal account is deleted, it cannot be recovered so please consider carefully whether or not you want to delete it.
  • 11. I saw a post on the site yesterday, why isn’t it there today?Close
    There are two reasons for this:
    1)The company has filled the position and has decided to delete the job posting.
    2)The job was expired. If you want to post a query, please do via the online user feedback system. Our customer service staff will help you and give timely feedback.
  • 12. My classified ad had expired, how do I re-publish the advertisement?Close
    Sorry, we do not have a feature through which you can re-publish classified ads. Please re-post your advertisement through the “Post Classifieds,” button.
  • 13. How to I modify the telephone number in my classified advertisement?Close
    Please login to your personal account and click on your username to enter your individual page. In the classifieds sections, click on “Edit,” in the classified advertisement management page to edit your telephone number or any other information.
  • 14. How do I edit or update my classified advertisement? Close
    Please login to your personal account and click on your username to enter your individual page. In the classifieds sections, click on “Edit,” in the classified advertisement management page in order to edit or update any information on your ad.
  • 15. Why wasn’t my classified ad approved for publication?Close
    Classified ads are not published for the following reasons:
    1) The use of multiple accounts in publishing the same advertisement
    2) Advertisements cannot be published more than once in the same day
    3) The advertisement is too simple and cannot be approved.
    4) The post is not a classified advertisement, please do not publish posts without advertising content.