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China Symphonic Music Season Lanzhou Week to Open HOT

The second China Symphonic Music Season Lanzhou Week to be held in Lanzhou Jincheng Theater from November 28th to December 8th. The festival will include 10 philharmonic and 10 symphonic groups performing. Performance Schedule: Read More>>

November 1st Lanzhou to Start Heating Ahead of Schedule HOT

Lanzhou, Gansu Province this year will start supplying heat ahead of schedule. Heating is planned to be on for 5 months, starting at 0:00 on November 1st until 00:00 the night of March 31st. ... Read More>>

Water Level of Yellow River Near Lanzhou Dangerously High HOT

The water level of the Yellow River near Lanzhou has recently risen dangerously high. Normally, water flow at this time of the season should be around 1000 cubic meters/second, but lately the river has been running at 2,310 cubic meters/second, resulting in ...... Read More>>

Song and Dance Cultural Gala Kicks Off in Lanzhou HOT

On the night of June 13th, the Lanzhou municipal government staged a gala event featuring cultural song and dance programs at the Waterwheel Park; the stage is right beside the huge waterwheel. Programs include the famous Sichuan opera trick of changing ...... Read More>>

Unique Activities on the Yellow River in Lanzhou HOT

Waterwheel ParkLanzhou’s “Waterwheel Park”, on the bank of the Yellow River, is a popular Lanzhou atraction. The waterwheel has 500 years history; it was once a water conservancy facility which utilized the impact of the natural flow of ...... Read More>>

Lanzhou Named "Best International Tourist City" HOT

According to the news from Shanghai International Travel Expo Forum, after a two month-long contest, Lanzhou has officially been named “the best international tourist city”. The forum is jointly organized by United Nations Association of China, ...... Read More>>

Concert by Russian Masters in Memory of Chopin in Lanzhou HOT

On April 12, two Russian masters will perform at Jincheng Theater to pay tribute to Chopin’s 200th anniversary. One of the most brilliant pianists in the world, Russian educator Chertoff (Аркадий Севидов) and great horn player, Russian ...... Read More>>

Dream in Dunhuang to be Staged in Lanzhou HOT

Lanzhou Opera and Dance Drama will be presenting the renowned Chinese Opera “Dream in Dunhuang” at Lanzhou Jincheng Theatre from Jan.31 to Feb.4. The show will be a feast for the audience. Ticketing Hotline: 0931-2177639... Read More>>

Lanzhou Xinglong Mountain Ski Resort Opens HOT

Lanzhou Xinglong Mountain Ski Resort opened to visitors in December 2009. The ski resort is the only alpine international ski resort in Gansu Province with two junior ski tracks 760m in length. The tracks have a vertical throw of 85m at a 30 degree angel. ...... Read More>>

Russian Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition HOT

A Russian Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition is held at Gansu Painting Academy from Jan. 9th to 18th, showing 106 oil works by 14 renowned Russian oil painting masters. A 5.5m long, 3.5m high large painting is the highlight of the exhibition.... Read More>>

Lanzhou Swimmers to Cross the Yellow River on New Year’s Day HOT

The annual winter swim competition in Lanzhou will be held at Jinshui Square and Baitashan Dock at 14:20 on Jan. 1st, 2010. The competition includes Yellow River drifting as well as swimming across the river. Participants will drift eastward from the ...... Read More>>

Christmas Sales Begin in Lanzhou HOT

A series of Christmas sales have begun to attract customers in Lanzhou. Shopping malls, supermarkets and various entertainment venues have been given new looks with Christmas decorations. Discounts, buy one get one free activities and coupons are offered to ...... Read More>>

Gucang Exhibition Works for Pingyao International Photo Festival 2009 HOT

The Exhibition work produced by Gucang for the Pingyao International Photo Festival 2009 will be held in Gucang Contemporary Photography Network in Lanzhou from October 16th to November 15th. The exhibition presents the works of various styles by 12 ...... Read More>>

Lanzhou's International Folk Art Festival Begins HOT

The International Folk Art Festival will be held in Lanzhou from August 15th to 21st. An art performance and cultural exchange will take place between six art troupes from Belgium, Canada, Poland, Columbia, Thailand and Israel. The performances will be held ...... Read More>>

Passenger Trains from Shenzhen to Lanzhou, Jinan and Tianjin available since April

Since April, Shenzhen West Railway Station will open passenger trains to Lanzhou, Jinan and Tianjin. Since Apr. 2nd, Shenzhen West-Jinan train will be in formal operation. 15:40-19:31 (next day) (from Shenzhen to Jinan); 11:42-14:06 (next day) (from Jinan ...... Read More>>

D-trains expected to open between Xining and Lanzhou

As Lanzhou-Qinghai multitrack railways were completed, D-trains are expected to open between Xining and Lanzhou in April. By then, it will take no more than 90 minutes between the two cities. Now the scheme has been reported to Ministry of Railways. ... Read More>>

Tibetan Buddhism temple “Heaven Temple” being rebuilt HOT

“Heaven Temple”, the famous Tibetan Buddhism temple is under reconstruction now. The constructed Main Assembly Hall mainframe has been completed and the square in front of the hall is almost completed. ... Read More>>

First Qingyang Zhou Ancestor Farming Cultural Festival HOT

The festival will be held every two years. Major activities include opening ceremony, “agriculture, peasants and rural areas” science development forum, cultural industry development summit, Qingyang agricultural products exhibition and trade, ...... Read More>>

Dayangzhou Bronzes in Shang Dynasty at Xin'gan County on display HOT

The unearthed Shang Dynasty grand tombs is located in Chengya Village, Dayangzhou Town of Xingan County in Jiangxi Province. This exhibition displays 125 sets of bronzes unearthed from the grand tomb. The exhibition will last for 3 months. ... Read More>>

Half Price Tickets to Dunhuang Caves HOT

It has been announced this week that for the period of March 1st-June 30th all entrance tickets for the Dunhuang area (including the Mogao Caves) will be subject to a 50% reduction in price. Further reductions from July 1st-October 31st are buy 10 get 2 ...... Read More>>

Lanzhou Light Railway to Begin Operation Next Year HOT

With trillions of RMB of investment promised for the city of Lanzhou this year, the City Government has promised that among the 100 projects on the drawing board, a 2 line light railway system consisting of 70 kilometers will begin the construction phase by ...... Read More>>

Lanzhou Winter Temperatures Plummet HOT

Lanzhou is experiencing one of the snowiest winters on record, with the northerly cold front meeting warmer air coming up from the south to create massive precipitation in the form of huge snow showers. It has now been reported that this has been added to ...... Read More>>

Mogao Grottoes to build the world's first "digital Cave" for visitors HOT

Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes will use the most advanced digital technology to simulate its current cave in order to create a number of tourist caves. It is reported that the digital cave is the first in the world.... Read More>>

Fashionable taxis on street since mid-January HOT

More than 1000 taxis painted mint blue, Chinese red, sea blue, and sapphire have been crusing the streets of lanzhou since Jan. 15, 2009. The bill will be printed by the on-taxi machine after passengers arrive at their destination. ... Read More>>

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