Taking on Lanzhou: Hostels on a Budget

Taking on Lanzhou: Hostels on a Budget

Some cities have so many places to stay that it can be hard to tell which are suitable, or which can accommodate foreigners. That’s why eChinacities has gone and done the research for you. If you are planning on traveling to Gansu, these four hostels are all solid choices in Lanzhou.

1) Huar Youth Hostel (花儿国际青年旅舍).

Huar Youth Hostel was opened in 2011 and is one of Lanzhou’s most famous youth hostels. There are a total of 15 rooms with 68 beds, and the second floor is a small theatre that can seat 300 people and a coffee shop. The theatre often puts on free shows ranging from music to performance art and film screenings, and the coffee shop has a huge collection of books to read.

The communal areas and some of the rooms have free Wi-Fi, and all electric appliances are provided in the rooms. Each room has broadband, 24 hour hot water, air-conditioning, and in the shared rooms each bed has individual lockers, lights, and their own power sockets. The public bathrooms and individual bathrooms are clean.

In the surrounding neighbourhood there is a mountain and a temple at about 10 minutes’ drive away. There are no curfews in the evenings, and the boss speaks pretty fluent English. The hostel is fully licensed to accommodate to foreigners.

Add: Lanzhou Cultural Creativity Garden, 704 Duanjiatanlu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Room Prices: 50 RMB for a bed in a 4 bed dorm, 38 RMB for a bed in a 6 bed dorm, and 136 RMB for a private double room.
Phone Number: 130 9925 9808
Getting There: take bus 110 to Duanjiatan stop (段家滩站) or bus 138 and 143 go to Chuanyi Chanyayuan stop (创意产业园站).

2) Xiyi International Youth Hostel (西驿国际青年旅舍)

Xiyi International Youth Hostel opened in 2010 and has a brilliant location: only 10 minutes drive from both Lanzhou railway station and Lanzhou bus station. There are a total of 5 floors, with 16 rooms, a big Tibetan style reception room, a reading room, a bar, and an internet café.

The roof terrace has a barbeque buffet bar, and the whole building is kitted with free Wi-Fi. There is also free a luggage storage space, morning call service and 24 hour hot water. Shared dorm rooms have individually lockable cupboards, lights, and sockets. There are also clean communal bathroom facilities. The hostel doesn’t offer airport pick-up service, but there is no curfew so you can come in any time. They have a license for foreign visitors, and the boss speaks basic English.

Add: 1180 Tianshui Beilu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Room Prices: 45 RMB for a bed in a 4 bed dorm, 50 RMB for a bed in a 6 bed dorm, and 45 RMB for a bed in a 8 bed dorm.
Tel: 0931 8688 381
Getting There: take bus 115, 138 or 143 to Nanhetan stop (南河滩站).

3) HOME Youth Hostel (HOME青年旅舍)

Lanzhou’s HOME Youth Hostel is located in the city center, close to Zhenninglu Snack Street, and only 4 minutes’ drive from Baiyunguan, 9 minutes from Huanghetieqiao. Take bus 33, 302 or K102 and you will go directly to the train station – super convenient. In the direct surroundings there are is also a bank, a pharmacy, a supermarket and other convenience stores.

The hostel has male-only 8 bed dorm rooms, female-only 4 bed dorm rooms, mini double rooms, and four clean communal bathrooms. The common areas and parts of the bedrooms have free Wi-Fi. Everything you could need is in the rooms, including air-conditioning, heating, air dehumidifiers, and in the winter humidifiers are added to the rooms to make the air more bearable. Laundry costs 5 RMB per time, and people can enter and exit between 10:00 and 00:00. The boss speaks English and is very welcoming to foreign guests.

Add: Gansu News Building Courtyard, 123 Baiyinglu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Room Prices: 40 RMB per bed in the male 8 bed dorm, 50 RMB for a bed in the women 4 bed dorm, and 55 for the mini 2 person room.
Tel: 139 1930 7179
Getting There: take bus 33 or 302 to Gansu Ribao stop (甘肃日报站).

4) Dawanjia Youth Hostel (大碗家青年旅舍)

Lanzhou’s Dawanjia Youth Hostel was set up by a young group of locals in 2013, and it the newest hostel in Lanzhou city. The hotel is located on the 9th floor in a peaceful environment, 20 minutes’ walk from various local Lanzhou restaurants, and approximately 10 minutes’ walk from Lanzhou train station and Lanzhou railway station.

For those staying in the shared rooms, each person has an individual locker, a light, a socket, and there is a common area. Most of the rooms have access to the free Wi-Fi, which is available in the common areas too. If you need Wi-Fi in your room please specify when you make your booking. Other than that, each room has air-con, heating, 24 hour hot water, and the hostel has luggage storage available. There is no curfew so you can come and go as you please. The boss speaks English, and is very welcoming to foreigners.

Add: 906, 9F Huajin Fangdichan, Huochezhan Tianshui Nanlu, Lanzhou
Room Prices: 45 RMB for a bed in a male-only dorm, 40 RMB for a bed in a female-only dorm, 90 RMB for a private room.
Tel: 189 1992 4709
Getting There: take bus 4, 75, 301 and get off at Panxuan Lu Dongkou stop (盘旋路东口站).

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