Spring City: Discovering Jinan and its Surroundings

Spring City: Discovering Jinan and its Surroundings

Jinan is so famous for its springs that it actually carries the nickname ‘Spring City’.  The majority of springs are natural and have been around since ancient times, making a visit there the perfect combination of relaxation and a lesson in Chinese history. These are the biggest and most popular springs, although some of these parks will also have other smaller springs in them.

1) Baotu Springs Park (趵突泉公园)

One of the biggest and most famous spring parks in the area, Baotu Springs consists of many temples and pavilions, and is especially beautiful late in the afternoon. However, due to its popularity it is a good idea to avoid this one during weekends or public holidays as they are noisy and crowded.

Historically, these springs discharge about 300,000-350,000 cubic meters of water per day, although human consumption starting in the 1970s has lead to the springs drying up occasionally. The spring pool is fed by underwater limestone water from various different sources, and the water temperature is constant at 18 degrees Celsius throughout the entire year.

Add: 1 Baoyuquan Nanlu, Lixia District, Jinan
Tel: 0531 8692 0439
Price: 40 RMB
Opening Times: 07:00-21:00, daily
Getting There: the south gate of the park is accessible by buses 14, 28, 49, 72, 82, 102, 128 and 165. Get off at Baotuquan Nanmen stop (趵突泉南门站). The east gate is services by buses 1, 5, 41, 66 and 82 which stop at Baotuquan Dongmen stop (趵突泉东门站).

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2) Five Dragon Pool Park (五龙潭公园)

One of the more famous springs in the area, Five Dragon Pool is part of a system of springs. Historically renowned as Tang Dynasty general Qin Shubao’s residence was originally on this site. Legend goes that the spring pool formed following torrential rains that also flooded his home.

The park surrounding it was not established until 1985, but now, the spring lies within beautiful surroundings and serves as the perfect spot for a break from city life.

Add: 18 Baoyuquan Beilu Kuangshijie, Lixia District, Jinan
Tel: 0531 8692 1741
Price: 5 RMB
Opening Times: 07:00-19:00, daily
Getting There: take bus 4 or 101 to Baotuquan Beimen stop (趵突泉北门站).

3) Baimai Springs Park (百脉泉公园)

These springs are located about 25 kilometers west of Jinan’s city center and it will take you about an hour to get there. The springs are renowned for their natural beauty. During the Song Dynasty, poet Li Qingzhao  resided here, and she has left her mark on some of the architecture which follows the aesthetic principles of poetry.

The spring pool is 25 meters by 14.5 meters, 2 meters deep, and located inside the Dragon Spring Temple (龙泉寺) which is surrounded by a public park.

Add: 31 Huiquanlu, Zhangqiu
Tel: 0531 8321 3421
Price: 40 RMB
Opening Times: 07:30-18:00, daily
Getting There: the best way to get there is to take a taxi to Zhangqiu City (章丘市), or a bus, and then take bus 4 or 9 from Zhangqiu City to Baimai Springs Park (百脉泉公园).

4) Pipa Springs and Black Tiger Springs (环城公园)

Both Pipa Springs and Black Tiger Springs are located inside Huancheng Park, which is open 24 hours and charges no entrance fee.

Black Tiger Spring (黑虎泉)
Black Tiger Spring is generally ranked as the second most important spring in the area, with water stemming from moderately-deep circulation. The water flows out of the mouths of three tiger heads into a square pool, and this water is sometimes gathered by the locals for day to day use.

Pipa Springs (琵琶泉)
Smaller and less famous than the other ones, this spring is next to Black Tiger Spring and within the same park, but  worth a visit and an opportunity to escape from the crowds. The water is clear, although don’t be surprised when those living nearby sometimes come and take the spring’s water.

Add: 2-1 Nanmen Dajie, Lixia District, Jinan
Tel: 0531 8692 5504
Price: Free
Opening Times: 24 hours a day

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