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1 . Searching for resumes

1) Search Options
Searching by keyword ensures more accurate results
Q.Why do very few resumes – or sometimes even no resumes at all – show up in search results? 
A.Sometimes search results only bring up a very limited number of results, but this doesn’t mean that there are very few resumes in the database. On the contrary, limited search results are probably caused by one of the following reasons: 
-You selected too many search criteria (we recommend to choose a maximum of 5)
-Your keyword was too long (we recommend to keep it within 5 letters)
-You chose too many keywords (we recommend to choose up to three)
-Your keywords contained private information such as name or contact details
Q: Why can’t I search for names and contact details? 
A: eChinacities renders this private information confidential.
2) Searching for Resumes
We have the largest foreign talent database in the country, providing fast, convenient access to resumes of talented expats. Channel your inner head-hunter and browse our database today! 
Our search tools allow you to set your requirements so you can find the candidates which best fit your requirements. The options you can choose include:
Keywords: Through different combinations of keywords, you can find candidates which are best suited to your needs 
Recent candidate resumes
Industry Categories: Which industry and skill set the candidate is searching for. 
Updating: By regularly updating you can choose the most recently posted resumes
Chinese Level 
Current Location of the Candidate
Education Level 
By clicking “Edit More Search Criteria” you can set up even more search criteria. 
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