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About eChinacities

eChinacities.com is the leading job board for English speaking professionals. Many expats in China and those living outside China use it to find jobs in China . Operated and managed by a team of international talents, eChinacities has served millions of international talents and over 50,000 recruiters, among those many being top 100 employers in China.

The positions posted on eChinacities.com cover broad job categories from media, education, sales and marketing, IT and internet to HR, acting and modelling etc. and are full-time, part-time, online or internship in nature. The job board has a database of over 500,000 English resumes for the paid recruiters to access and has over 50,000 recruiters who have been using eChinacities.com to fulfil the recruitment of English speaking professionals to work in China.

eChinacities.com recruiting products include VIP membership that allows member to post online job ads, accessing the resume database and other value added ad promotion services. For recruiters who need to fulfil hiring project within very short time frame, the FastTrack recruiting product is an ideal choice that combines multiple instruments to best showcase the job ad to maximum number of matching candidates.