Super Shopping: Tianhe’s New League of Consumption Hot Spots

Super Shopping: Tianhe’s New League of Consumption Hot Spots

Just in time for spring shopping season, Guangzhou’s expanse of the indoor shopping experience has thriced itself with the additions of Tianhe Fashion Walk, TaiKooHui and One Link Walk. All located in Tianhe District and basically within the same city block of one another, each multi-tiered super space packs its own purchasing personality regarding prices, options and ambiance.With seemingly endless corridors of consumerism, these mall-walking paradises provide products ranging from health and beauty to electronics to entertainment to home décor to food and beverage, (and can also provide some proper winter exercise for those browsers not on a buying binge).  An exploration of Guangzhou’s latest endeavors in establishment is always an interesting one, and this expansive and impressive trio is worth a walk-in.

1)  Fashion Tianhe Walk  时尚天河商业广场View In Map
Fashion Tianhe Walk, located underneath the Sports Center and accessible via Tianhe Sports Center’s main gate and D metro exits, is an optical light show of shops. Aimed at the younger consumer, a vibrant, vintage energy permeates throughout, and this vibe is accentuated by flashing fluorescent stairs, lit pillars and neon burlesque signs hanging above the shops reading things like “Sales and Sinners and Jazz Gumbo: Get Your Tail Bit Here.” Jazzy, graffiti-like murals canvass the walls, leaving one in a kaleido-shop somewhere between Harlem and a discothèque. The stores are your typical fare; mid-range clothes, gadgets and gizmos, milk tea kiosks and quick sushi stops. If you’re in the area and on the hunt for a quick bite, there are food courts on either end (and these ends seem endless) and a few sit-downs dot the way, too, (such as a decent-sized Taiwanese Xiabu Xiabu and a Vietnamese-themed spot). There are a few quirkier-themed shops such as the Harry Potter Store, giving this retail romp an eclectic, electric feel worth the stop for the mere sensory overload. There are even live acoustic guitar sessions at the entrance to serenade your shopping.

Add: 299 Tianhe Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
地址: 天河区天河路299号(近地铁体育中心站)
Getting there: take the metro to Tiyu Zhongxin station, Exit D.

2)  TaiKooHui  太古汇View In Map
TaiKooHui, along Tianhe Lu (Shipaiqiao exit D) boasts methods for which to keep the wallet fashionably svelte.  From Chanel to Hermes to Coach, the knits of Milan are what are on in this shopping excursion. Unlike the fad-flash of Fashion Tianhe, TaiKooHui is a more peaceful purchasing experience, witha woodsy, mellow-toned decorum and a more sophisticated target audience. A couture closet does not have to be your cache, however, as there are less expensive gems on location for the more pragmatic patron. The food court area offers Asian themed faster foods, as well as a Burger King and Starbucks. There are higher end Korean and Hong Kong options, and the spacious third floor veranda, with indoor as well as outdoor seating, houses the Paulaner German restaurant; this will soon be accompanied byThai, Italian and Japanese lunching venues, as well. 

The upscale foreign supermarket Ole, a ritzed-up offshoot of the Vanguard chain, is a nice grocery break from the same olds. With prices comparable to those of other import and domestic stores, (some product costs are a bit higher; some a better deal) there is a decent bakery and cereal section, a fresh and hot foods deli and a fair-sized wine area. A stand-out of TaiKooHui, however, would be the large, earthy bookshop located on the MU level. Unlike the bustling (but still beloved)Tianhe Book Center a few blocks away, the environment here is more like an erudite Victorian study; a perfectly serene haven in which to browse away a rainy afternoon.

Add: 383 Tianhe Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

3)  One Link Walk  万菱汇购物广场View In Map
Adjacent to TaiKooHui via metro corridor is One Link Walk, (Shipaiqiao exit A), which seems to serve as the market middle man. Not as modish as Fashion Walk nor as opulent as TaiKooHui, One Link exudes a contemporary feel and certainly houses the potential to become a bit busier than it seems at present. Host to a few dining options, (there appears to be some moving in, some moving out), there is a particularly yummy smelling hotpot restaurant on the upper level with quite a classy layout. Costa Coffee is a nice spot for a mid-afternoon lounge for those in a caffeine crunch. Well-known, mid-priced brands such as Cabbeen and Zara grace the shopping scene; an interesting check-out would be the Zara home accessories store. There is also a hair and nail salon as well as higher-end options for traditional Chinese herbal purchases. Perhaps the most appealing aspect is One Link’s commitment to festive decoration; colourful, larger than life displays have been showcased, both in and out, since its opening; the teeny architectural model of the building in glass at the main entrance is a fun look-over, too.

Even if you aren’t up to bat for any majors in merchandise, these GZ skyscraping shopping experiences are still worth a stroll. Each offers new places and spaces for people to discover, dine, shop and spend time; and beyond that of a mere mall manifesto, each serves as a testament to the immensity and progress of Guangzhou’s ever-growing urban atmosphere, aimed at providing a better quality standard for those living in the city.

Add: 230 & 232 Tianhe Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Opening hours:  Mon-Sun, 10:00-22:00
Getting there: take metro line 1 or 3 to Tiyu Xilu station.

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