Six of Guangzhou’s Best Pizzas from around the World

Six of Guangzhou’s Best Pizzas from around the World

Pizza’s journey to becoming an international dish didn’t start with modern pizza chains or even with pizza’s Italian origins as a new distinct dish. Meals akin to pizza have existed for thousands of years, as it doesn’t take too long eating flat bread before someone gets the bright idea to put other foods on top of it. Pizza went from an ancient Mediterranean dish, to the quintessential Italian meal with the addition of American innovation and marketing. That’s why even a city with a miniscule Western community, is going to have an eatery serving pizza.

Guangzhou, just ten years ago, only had a few such restaurants. Today, you can choose between fine Italian dining, home-style Italian, and small pizza parlors along with numerous Pizza Huts and similar Asian chains. If that’s not enough, many of the Western cafes serve pizza, with the better ones tasting reasonably good. Below is a selection of Guangzhou’s top pizza destinations. For variety, I’ve included several proper Italian restaurants alongside several unique chain pizza shops.

1)  Danny’s Italian American RestaurantView In Map
Danny’s was opened as a bagel shop in 1997 by an Italian from New York City. Since then it has evolved into a quality Italian restaurant, where you can dine in its warm countryside atmosphere, with wood, plants and classic checkered tablecloths. Danny’s pizza, along with its pasta, is handmade and its sauce is imported from Italy. They use mozzarella for their main pizza cheese, along with feta, parmesan and ricotta for additional toppings. Among the more outstanding toppings are asparagus, Parma ham, Italian dried beef, shrimp and smoked salmon. Danny’s pizzas go for between 58 and 118 RMB with sizes between 9 and 12 inches. Additional toppings are between 8 and 18 RMB. They deliver to the downtown area for 15-40 RMB.

Add: Unit 403, 4th floor, No. 188, Huangpu Ave West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州市天河区黄浦大道西冼村路188号
Tel: 020 8756 1993
Getting there:  Take bus 239, 54, 886, 583, 811, 245, 545, 540, 22 or 62 and get off at Xiancun Lu Bei bus stop. The Weijiasi Guangchang building will be on your right; Danny’s is on the 4th floor.

2) Pizza 2 PizzaView In Map
Pizza 2 Pizza is French owned and started as a fast-food style chain restaurant in 2007. They have quickly become known for their unique offerings and French cooking techniques. The kitchen is open in front so customers can watch their pizza, pizza pie or pizza roll being made. The crust at Pizza 2 Pizza is middling in thickness between Italian and American crusts. The cheese, much of which is imported from France, includes mozzarella, cheddar and feta. Among the livelier toppings you’ll find French sausage, Lebanese beef, shrimp and salmon. Expect to pay a modest 42-88 RMB for a pizza between 12 and 16 inches, with extra toppings going for 10 RMB. If you’re not in the mood for tomato sauce, you can replace it with creme fraiche, a thick, mildly-soured cream. Pizza 2 Pizza offers free delivery within two kilometers of each shop.

Add: No.41, Zhongshan ba road, Liwan District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州市荔湾区中山八路41号首层7档
Tel: 020 8172 131, 020 8172 4130
Getting there:  Take metro Line 1 and get off at Chen Clan Academy, D exit. You’ll be at Zhongshan Qi road, and should head toward Zhongshan Ba road. After you cross the second intersection, the pizza shop will be on your left.

3) Milano’s Italian RestaurantView In Map
Milano’s simple, elegant location is decked with flowers and provides outdoor seating when the weather permits. They offer a tempting variety of Italian dishes made with imported ingredients along with wine and beer. Prices are generally high, but it’s one of the better places for a real Italian meal or a celebration. Milano’s hand-made pizzas are mostly Italian-style thin crust, using emmental, mozzarella, cheddar and feta. Their specialty pies include their Devil Pizza, Tuna Pizza and Milano Pizza. Prices range into the high end here, with 8, 12 and 18-inch pizzas going for between 45 and 155 RMB. You can order thick crust or extra toppings for between 8 and 25 RMB. Milano’s only delivers by taxi so you’ll be paying the taxi fare if you want delivery.
Add: No.3-103 Xincheng Bei Jie ,Tianhe dong road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 3881 0594
Getting there:  Take bus 89, 6, 54, 214 or 39 and get off at Linlelu bus stop. You’ll be at Tianhe Bei Lu. Walk toward Tianhe Dong Lu and turn right at the first corner. Then walk about 100 meters and the restaurant will be on your right. 

4) Niulan Feichangpin PizzaView In Map
The name of this brightly-lit western-style restaurant means "special café". Along with pizza and pasta, they also serve a number of Korean dishes, which keeps them popular with the many Koreans in the neighbourhood. Niulan Feichangpin imports Durum wheat flour and other ingredients to make their crispy pizza crust, and tops it with mozzarella, feta and parmesan. Standout toppings include blueberry, smoked duck breast and Mexican sausage. You can expect to pay a reasonable 33 to 95 RMB for pizzas of 6, 9 and 12 inches, and can get downtown delivery for free.

Add:1st floor of Hongye Hotel, No.8, Lejia Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
地址: 广东省广州市白云区机场西乐嘉路8号
Tel: 020 8634 5530 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting
Getting there: Take metro Line 2 and get off at Feixiang Gongyuan (park), A exit. You’ll find Wanda Square behind you. Walk in the opposite direction about 5 minutes and you’ll find Hongye Hotel on your right. The restaurant is on first floor of the hotel.

5) Cheese Fun Pizza RestaurantView In Map
Cheese Fun is a chain restaurant from Taiwan located in popular China Plaza downtown. One distinction you’ll discover here is that it’s about half self-serve, and tables have buttons which allow you to call the waiter, pay the bill and get a water refill. Besides pizza, they also offer popular Western and Chinese dishes. Cheese Fun’s pizzas are made from pre-made crusts with mozzarella or cheddar cheese. They offer specialty sauces along with several specialty pizzas such as their Hai-Lu shuanping Pizza– layered with fresh clams, shrimp and imported beef–and their Octopus Pizza. You’ll pay 28 to 58 RMB for one of their pies, which come in 7 and 10 inch sizes, and cannot ordinarily ask for different toppings. They deliver free within a kilometer of China Plaza.

Add:Unit C-2, 7th floor of China Plaza, No.33, Zhongshan 3rd road, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou
地址:  广东省广州市越秀区中山三路33号 
Tel: 020 8373 8006
Getting there: Take metro Line 1 and get off at Martyrs Park, A exit. China Plaza is about 400 meters in front of the metro station; the restaurant is on 7th floor.


6) 63AntipastoView In Map
Pizzas are actually one of the minor dishes at this romantic European eatery, which also serves pasta, steaks, desserts and wines. Although their pizza crusts are ordered from outside, they do assure us that they are authentic Italian style, and that many of the ingredients including herbs and sauces are imported and of high quality. You can get an 8-inch pizza for 62 RMB, usually covered in mozzarella and parmesan. Currently they have no delivery service for pizzas, but you can get free delivery within two kilometers of the restaurant for their other meals.


Add: G/F, Huijing Building, no.111-113 Guangzhou Dadao Zhong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州大道中111-113号晖景大厦首层(明月二路口)
Tel: 020 8739 8085
Getting there: Take metro Line 5 and get off at Wuyang Cun, B exit. Walk toward the riverside about 3 minutes, and the restaurant will be on your right. 

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