Metro Explorations: Top 5 Sights Along Guangzhou’s Metro Line 2

Metro Explorations: Top 5 Sights Along Guangzhou’s Metro Line 2

Take a self-guided tour through some of Guangzhou's most famous sights with the Metro Line 2 as your guide. Follow the blue line through the city and discover history, shopping, parks and eats. Relax in Yuexiu Park and check out the Sculpture of the Five Rams, take in the history at Zhongshan Memorial Hall and eat, drink and be merry at restaurants around Jiangnanxi Station!

1) Yuexiu Park Station: Yuexiu Park, Sculpture of the Five Rams
Take exit B1 out of the Yuexiu Park Station (越秀公园站) and venture into Yuexiu Park (越秀公园). The park is beautiful and has lots of famous cultural spots to check out. The Sculpture of the Five Rams (览五羊雕塑) located near the West Gate of the park is one of the best known symbols of Guangzhou. The South Lake area of the park, complete with local fishermen, looks like a painting and is a relaxing place for a break or a picnic. On the eastern shores of the lake, there's a children's playground, a barbeque area and a sports complex: a perfect summer spot for the whole family. The southern area has a large lawn perfect for Frisbee, soccer or sunbathing.

2) Jiniantang Station: Zhongshan Memorial Hall
Take exit C out of Jinian Station (纪念堂站) to one of Guangzhou's most famous tourist attractions: Zhongshan Memorial Hall (中山纪念堂). The hall is a magnificent palatial building, and is the former home of the provincial president. Originally built in 1921 by Sun Yet-sen, Zhongshan Memorial Hall spans over 3700 square meters and is regarded as a modern architectural masterpiece. The hall is surrounded by a tree and flower-filled garden, making it a great place to get away from the hustle of the city. With its unique history and beauty, this tourist spot is definitely one to check out.

3) Shiergong Station: Wedding Street
Brides, brides-to-be, and brides-to-someday-be, should check out Guangzhou's Wedding Street (婚纱一条街), even if it's just for wedding inspiration and window shopping. Take exit E out of Shiergong Station (市二宫站), turn right, and walk about 100 m to get to the street. If wedding shopping isn't your thing, there is a Trust-Mart (好又多超市) in the area that's great for decent-quality cheap shopping. The neighborhood around the station is also home to the Republic of China's Da Yuanshuai Fu (大元帅府), Nanhua Xi Architectural Street (南华西骑楼街) Panjia Courtyard (潘家大院), Shuangqing Lou (双清楼), Shuzhuqiao (漱珠桥) and 10 other historical buildings that all are worth a visit.

4) Jiangnanxi Station: Eating, Drinking and Fun
Take exit A of the Jiangnanxi Station (江南西站) to reach Jiangnan New Underground Shopping Street (江南新地商业街), a lively underground shopping street, where you'll find deals on unique clothing, shoes, hats, bags, accessories, gadgets and more. After shopping, grab a bite to eat near the station. The streets surrounding the subway are full of various restaurants, bars and cafes. Check out the Sunny Mall (广百新一城) on Yixi Baoye Lu (以西宝业路) for pickled fish, spicy frog, stone-pot congee, crayfish and oysters.

5) Guangzhou South Station: Guangzhou's Largest Subway Station
Guangzhou South Station (广州南站) is the city's largest, taking up 50,000 square meters. Located under Guangzhou South Railway Station, the station takes ten minutes to cross from north to south and is 600 meters wide from east to west. There are 13 different exits; tourists get lost and confused here very easily. The railway station can be reached directly from the subway station via lifts and escalators so that high-speed rail passengers never have to go outdoors. 

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