Best Instagram Accounts for Expats In China (Part 2)

Best Instagram Accounts for Expats In China (Part 2)
Nov 17, 2017 By Eddy O’Neil ,

A couple of weeks ago we bought you the first part of our guide to the Best Instagram Accounts for Expats in China. Although some people commented that Instagram is blocked in China, we know that most expats here have a VPN and continue to use social media (more or less) as normal. As such, here are 5 more top China Instagram accounts you should be following.

Look West


When we think of China, we tend to think of the east rather than the west of the country. After all, most foreigners here are living in areas in and around Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai. But there’s so much to be seen and experienced in China’s western provinces. Luckily, we have farwestchina, an awesome Instagram account from Josh Summers, an expat photographer and writer based in Xinjiang. Check it out.

Tales From Tibet and Beyond


Tibet and the surrounding region are both beautiful and mysterious. This account, run by a young foreigner, the titular Miriam from Miriaminchina, offers naturalistic snapshots of the places and people from a region. See a way of life yet to be paved over by the mass urbanization sweeping much of China.

Shanghai Snapshots


For many, Shanghai is the most exciting city in China. Combining so many different people from so many different backgrounds, this cultural hotpot makes for great Instagram fodder. zai_shanghai brings together the best pics around to give you a snapshot of this crazy and amazing city.

A Different Look at the Capital


How could we have a list of China Instagram accounts without one focused on our buzzing capital city? FollowBeijing does a great job of bringing together all the best snaps from around the city, providing a cross-section of life in the capital. Be sure to check it out and glean some alternative ideas and inspiration before embarking on a trip to Beijing.

Yours Truly


And, of course, if you’re looking for an account that gives an overview of the whole country and links to great content and tips for working in China, look no further than our own Instagam account, echinajobs.

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