Best Instagram Accounts for China Expats (Part 1)

Best Instagram Accounts for China Expats (Part 1)
Nov 03, 2017 By Eddy O’Neil ,

China is a country full of striking imagery. For better or for worse, China inspires awe, shock, wonderment and, in some cases, outright bewilderment. With such a rich source of photography fodder,  Instagram is naturally full of golden China-centric accounts that all expats should be following. And yes, we know Instagram is technically banned in China, but you’ve figured out how to peek over the Great Fire Wall already, right?  

Beauty in the City


When it comes to China, we often think of endless skyscrapers and sprawling megacities. NK7 travels all across the country finding unexpected beauty and sometimes fascinating surrealism in the cityscapes we live in. Many of these shots are taken at breathtaking heights from the rooftops of skyscrapers (don’t try that at home), offering rarely seen aerial views of modern China.

China’s Natural Side

When we live in the cities, however, it can be easy to forget the vast swaths of nature and wildlife China has to offer. Hangho will introduce you to a side of China you may never have known existed. From the white snow capped mountains of Tibet to the sandy beaches of Hainan via the less-travelled islands of Hong Kong, you may find yourself bit by the travel bug after seeing these awe inspiring images.

Get Some Mandarin


Instagram isn’t just for bingeing on great pics - it can be educational too. For those of you out there learning pǔtōnghuà, there are various Instagram accounts sharing handy flashcards to accelerate your progress. Instaideogram is particularly helpful when it comes to studying for those pesky HSK tests.

Have a Laugh with Some Chinglish

Is it wrong to laugh at Chinglish? With Chinglish Signs you’ll be laughing too hard to care. They source some mind boggling and hilarious Chinese to English translations from all over the country. Some highlights include the poolside sign that declares: “Urinating in the pool, you are the best”; the heavy deterrent warning sign: “Shoplifters will be prostituted”, and my personal favorite, a completely random road sign that states “You are my love my angle, don’t treat me like a potato”.

Food Porn From Sichuan

One of the great things about China is its cuisine, so this list would not be complete without at least one food-based account. Amazing Sichuan focuses on the famous spicy cuisine of its namesake province. Not only will it make your mouth water for some hot pot and spicy fish, it also offers a cool window into the culture of the region.


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