6 Steps to Help Ease Your Seasonal Depression

6 Steps to Help Ease Your Seasonal Depression
Mar 23, 2016 By eChinacities.com

Here we are, life has taken us to China. As amazing as this period of our lives can be, many times we meet challenges and quickly enough, find ourselves feeling depressed and pretty soon we start looking at the bad side of everything, the pollution, the food, the people and so on. Finally we feel that maybe it was a mistake coming to China. And winter is certainly not helping.

For all of you who feel this way, I have a small technique that can help.

Let us say that someone is feeling lonely.

Step 1
Identify the feeling and try to put the feeling into words.

In this example, the person would say that he/she is feeling lonely.

Step 2
Find out what are the thoughts you are having and write them down.

Example: "I don’t have any friends. I hate my job"

Step 3
Ask yourself why are you having each of those thoughts. What are these things that are so bad?

Example: "I don’t have any friends. It’s perhaps because I want somebody to talk to, share my stories. I hate my job. My boss is not good to me, my colleagues are too, and I don’t make enough money for the amount of work I do

Step 4
Now it’s time to find the seed of happiness in all the things you wrote down in Step 3. Find three ways to be grateful for each of the things that are going bad in your life.
Example :I don’t have any friend but I can be grateful that. I have more time for me. I don’t have those Saturday morning hangovers anymore.

Step 5
Stay in that feeling of gratitude for a few minutes.

Step 6
Put your attention in your heart and have a clear intention of having more happiness, laughter and peace in your life.

Take care

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Get the hell out of town for a weekend

Mar 24, 2016 14:09 Report Abuse



Or go to see a psychiatrist....but you will have to leave china first because there aren't any there

Mar 23, 2016 20:24 Report Abuse



Delusion is also a form of clinical depression

Mar 23, 2016 19:42 Report Abuse



So, I'm trying some of them, Soon. Thanks for them!

Mar 23, 2016 13:42 Report Abuse



this is hippy bullshit

Mar 23, 2016 13:21 Report Abuse



Awesome timing having this at the end of winter, instead of the start. Look forward to December's article on how to avoid heat stroke.

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Or you could, you know, GO HOME! Trying to convince yourself that you're happy, when you're not will achieve nothing but making yourself even more miserable in the long term. You're miserable because you are the type of person who thinks it's acceptable to make a list instead of going out to actually find some friends. The rest of us shouldn't have to read this depressing drivel just because the author has no friends.

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step 1: go to store that carries quality, preferably imported, libations. step 2: reflect on the flavor to buzz and cost considerations of possible purchases step 3: find a pleasant, according to your personal preferences, place to imbibe step 4: enjoy your indulgence and reflect, rant, whatever makes you feel better--Get high, low, sideways, or whatever trips your trigger

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