“Women Hold Up Half the Sky”: A Maoist Slogan Resurrected

“Women Hold Up Half the Sky”: A Maoist Slogan Resurrected
Jan 25, 2017 By eChinacities.com

Editors Note: Donald Trumps ascent to one of the most, if not the most powerful office in the world has been marked by strong opposition from various groups in and outside of the United States. In the most recent protest against his reign, the Womens March, the masses dug up an old slogan used in Maos China--Women Hold Up Half the Sky.

Not even 24 hours after moving into the White House on Jan. 22, millions of people took to the streets to demand that the new president respect and support women’s rights, oppose discrimination against women and stop creating division among the people. Washington’s most famous monuments were once again the background to masses shouting slogans which lingered in the streets.

For Chinese onlookers in particular one of these slogans really hit home...


“Women Hold Up Half the Sky!”

A Different Kind of Revolution

Some people on the streets held up signs bearing the slogan, while others displayed their support for those marching by posting the slogan to social media. Hash tags reading “#Halfthesky” even started popping up on some platforms.

Whether or not the marchers and their supporters are aware of the source of the slogan isn’t too clear, however judging by the fact that many of the social media posts referenced Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s book, Half the Sky, it seems questionable. However that’s not to say everyone was oblivious to the origins of the slogan.

Ties to China

Another question remains though...that is: is it possible that Kristof and WuDunn have some connection to China? The answer in fact is yes.

Both Kristof and WuDunn were senior reporters for the New York Times stationed in China and both enjoyed collecting well-known Chinese phrases during interviews.  Just so happens one of the phrases they especially took a liking to was “women hold up half the sky”.

Source: QQ News

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sadly, women probably hold up more than half the sky in China, the men are unproductive useless pieces of carbon on 2 legs.

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Soo now we know why the sky is falling! Only some men are holding up the other half of the sky.

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Women hold up half a guy

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