Where Life is a Beachfront in China

Where Life is a Beachfront in China
Jun 08, 2009 Translated by eChinacities.com

For those wanting to plan a weekend beach getaway there are a few options. Guang Xi, Fu Jian, and Hong Kong all have nearby beachfronts with their own specialties. The water, sand, and housing qualities all differ too. Let's take a closer look at some of the beachside destinations.

Gulang Island, Xiamen

Xia Men’s Gulang Island

Gulang is a rustic island that boasts all the charms of nature’s embrace. If you stay a few days here you will begin to feel the pulse of the ocean as if it were you own. One cannot walk away from the sound of waves crashing onto the beach and this rhythm really gets you in touch with the ocean spirit. The island also lovely and has naturalistic architecture for lodging. If you were to go during the current season then you could even see the blossoming of the Phoenix Flowers- a rare sight indeed.

If you are unable to make it the Gulang then you will really be sorry. I personally love it due to the fact that motorized vehicles are prohibited. Also, the buildings here are quite beautiful in their simplicity and the plant life is really dense. I suggest you try and eat as many different delicious dishes while you are here. Just take a stroll down one of the footpaths and find yourself a tasty morsel or two.

All this plus nighttime beach walks where you hear the waves crashing against the rocks makes this destination one not to miss.

Their showering facilities are located in and around the various beaches. This way you can play on the beach and walk away sand free. Here the sand quality is just so-so but the swimming is great. This is a place where the kids can have a ball too!

There are both hostels and family accommodating hotels on the islands. These hotels are usually packed with tourists so we recommended finding on of the quieter ones located in the residential areas near Gulang Stone.

Gulang's seafood is top notch. Of course, the restaurants offer expensive but tasty treats. We suggest buying some fresh items in the markets and cooking for yourself. You will have to bargain but good deals can be had for sure. If you just want to take a stroll and get a quick bite then try famous local snacks: Sesame Rice Cakes, Dried Meat Flake Cake, and all types of meat pies.


Beihai, Guangxi

Bei Hai

Guang Xi Province's Bei Hai is one day away from Guang Zhou Province by car.  The beach is right in the heart of the city here.  These are some of China's most popular beaches and for good reason. Nearby there are Meizhou Island and Xing Dao. Bei Hai is a great central area where you can access many wonderful places.

These beaches are well deserving of their classification as the best beaches in China- 24 kilometers of unbroken beachfront stretching beyond the horizon as far as the eye can see. The beaches are flat so travelers can play volleyball, badminton or even just lie down and enjoy a nice comfortable nap in the sun- but watch out for clamshells!

In order to cut-down on destructive pollution and interference all beachfront hotels have left Bei Hai. The hotels are still within walking distance of the beach though.

Seafood here is not cheap! But, it is delicious. Always make sure to try and get a good price before you order!

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