WTF: Wax Figurines Nothing Like Their Real Life Versions

WTF: Wax Figurines Nothing Like Their Real Life Versions
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According to reports from the Daily Mail, the curtains were raised yesterday on a wax sculpture exhibition at the Liaoning Industrial Exhibition Hall in Shenyang. Among the eeriely not-quite-lifelike figurines were world leaders like Trump and Putin.

However, the craftsmanship of the wax dummies is by no means first-rate, its not even second rate. We may have to go down to third, fourth, fifth or sixth rate for a more accurate description of the likenesses. Just take a look for yourself.

Here’s Trump’s effigy in all it’s terrible glory. Most alarming is that it seems someone lopped off his head and then reattached it slighty off-center. Or that flap of skin on his neck may just be his jowels.

Then of course we have Putin. It looks like he finally took Trump’s recommendation and started using that spray tan system. Top notch. I wonder if I can buy it on Taobao.

It seems the “artist” went with a more recent depiction of Kim Jong-un. Note that voluptuous double chin. Mmmmmm.

Then we have Arnold Schwarzenegger? .....I think that’s who its supposed to be.

And Jackie Chan.

Mr. Bean. Looks like he and Jason Schwartzman had a kid. A really ugly kid who looks like he just saw his best friend get hit by a car.

Michael Jackson. Who on Earth thought of the hand positioning for this one?

Source: QQ News

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haha I'd still go to see them :D

Mar 29, 2017 05:38 Report Abuse



It's a strange world where Jackie Chan and Mr Bean look virtually indicipherable

Mar 14, 2017 12:04 Report Abuse



that's creepy as fuck

Mar 09, 2017 20:34 Report Abuse