Two Dead After Hunting Accident in Hubei Province

Two Dead After Hunting Accident in Hubei Province
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Editor’s Note: Though gun ownership in China is strictly controlled by the governemt there are some citizens who still own and use guns. Recently, in Hubei, two men were accidentally shot and killed in a hunting accident.

Two men were killed in a hunting accident this month outside of a village in Wuhan. The incident was first reported by Xinhua after a statement was sent out by the Qichun Country Public Security Bureau.

Shot by Hunters

According to initial surveys done by the Public Security Bureau, it was discovered that on January 12 at approximately 9:30 pm, three Geshan Village residents—Sheng, Jiang, and Hua—were walking to Shizi Village via Dongshan Lu when Sheng , fell into a ravine on the side of the road in a drunken stupor. The other two men tried to pull him out of the ditch and thereby also ended up falling into the thicket below.

As the three men tried to climb out of the brush, a nearby party of hunters (Mr. Zuo, Mr. Wang and some others) noticed a rustling in the brush and assumed it to be some sort of animal. Mr. Zuo raised his gun, took aim at the thicket and fired, hitting and killing Sheng and Jiang.  

The two victims have already been buried and the two suspects, Mr. Zuo and Wang, have been detained while investigation into the incident is still underway.

Hunting Accidents in China

Hunting accidents are not as out of the ordinary as one might expect in China, a country where private ownership of any sort of firearm is regulated with an exceptional degree of austerity. On September 19th, 2016, seven people were found to be in possession of five mostly handmade firearms in Sichuan’s Beichuan Autonomous County after a similar incident resulted in serious injury of one of the members of a hunting party. Six members of the hunting party were found to be guilty of possession of firearms by police, apprehended and tried.

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deer are color blind, so hunters are suppose to wear orange bright hunting vests like we do in amerca, the fool in the picture above can not be seen and will get his ass shot. Perhaps you should train the person and not blame the weapon, i have been hunting in many places and never killed any hunters and i still walk the earth, I guess I'm lucky, but I like to think its because safety and common sense should not be left at home on a hunting trip. Teaching gun safety and self defense might result in the masses overthrowing authority, so let the foolish hunters just die, too many people anyway, and nobody wears a spotlight to hunt, unless you live in Alaska.

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