Tsinghua is Tops: Chinese Universities Ranked

Tsinghua is Tops: Chinese Universities Ranked
May 20, 2014 Translated by eChinacities.com

Editor’s Note: China’s universities have gone from strength to strength and are looking to keep doing so in order to gain international recognition. In this translated article we look at a recent study ranking over 700 of the nation’s top tertiary institutions. After all is said and done, Tsinghua University ranked the highest across the different categories, with Peking and Fudan right up there too.

People can list various criteria for ranking different universities and quality of students and teachers.  Wu Shulian, an expert on college admission with over 23 years of experience, believes that among the different indicators in university rankings there are two that are the most important and useful for ranking universities:

Firstly, the quality of new students, namely, the average IQ of the incoming freshmen students. Therefore schools should select students with high marks and test scores.

Secondly, the average academic level of teachers. The level of teachers has a large impact on the future of students. Therefore, universities must have high academic standards for professors.

Volunteers filling out the survey on different universities can easily observe the differences among the university’s freshmen academic standards and quality of teachers. An assessment of the quality of the freshmen class and academic standards of teachers as well as the quality of graduates of 704 undergraduate universities (excluding 30 art schools) was released.

There are many factors that affect university admissions. Universities in Beijing and Shanghai have a better location, therefore standards for admission for university is higher. Other universities that cater to the diplomatic, financial and other specialized industries also have high standards for admissions. In order for volunteers to better rank the universities it is easiest for them to observe the difference between the quality of freshmen and level of teachers at each university

For  the rankings of China’s 30 art schools, the quality of freshmen, level of teacher and quality of graduates, see, “Selecting a University, Choosing a Major- The 2014 Guidebook for College Entrance Examinees,” edited by Wu Shulian.


In 2014, Tsinghua University was ranked as number one, Peking University was ranked as number two and Fudan University came in as number three. The rest of the top ten universities in the rankings are:

4) Shanghai Jiaotong University
5) Zhejiang University
6) University of Science and Technology of China
7) Remin University of China
8) Nanjing University
9) Tonji University
10) Foreign Affairs University.

Quality of graduates

In terms of producing quality graduates, Peking University, Zhejiang University and Tsinghua University came in in the top three, respectively. Numbers 4 to 10 on this list are:

4) Fudan University
5) University of Science and Technology of China
6) Nanjing University
7) Shanghai Jiaotong University
8) Renmin University of China
9) Nankai University
10) Beijing Normal University.

Academic Standards

In terms of teacher rankings Zhejiang University was ranked first, Peking University was ranked second and Nanjing University came in at number three. The top ten universities with the highest standards for teachers are:
4) University of Science and Technology of China
5) Tsinghua University
6) Fudan University
7) Shanghai Jiaotong University
8) Nankai University
9) China Agricultural University
10) Sun Yet-Sen University.

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Approach is really true - knoledge, results of students is the main and the only correct criteria for ranking of universities.

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I am at Tongji university .......

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Very impressive, I think the criteria in selecting is fair, too bad my university comes nowhere near....maybe we're within 15....hahahaha

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