The Perfect Match? Post on Marriage Between Chinese Men and Russian Women Goes Viral in Russia

The Perfect Match? Post on Marriage Between Chinese Men and Russian Women Goes Viral in Russia
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Editor's Note: An advertisement sponsored by a Russian state-run newspaper and a Chinese state-run broadcaster on Chinese men marrying Russian women recently went viral on Russian social media. This article from the Chinese media reports that the advertisement was merely a “discussion topic,” for young Chinese and Russians to consider. Chinese men marrying Russian women has been highlighted in the Chinese media previously, and is probably a solution to China's “leftover men,” issue that Chinese men would not be opposed to.

“Chinese Husband + Russian Wife = The Perfect Combination.” An advertisement sponsored by China Radio International in Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, recently sparked controversy among Russians. The advertisement said that, “Sino-Russian cross-border marriages are the perfect formula.”

Chinese husbands live a healthy lifestyle, help with housework, and take their marriages seriously, said the advertisement. Russian women are educated, beautiful, and hard-working, and Chinese husbands will give them independence and freedom.

Netizens React

The advertisement was quickly picked up by Russian social media. Netizen “Giza,” wrote, “It is puzzling that a Russian government-run newspaper would publish this kind of 'advertisement.' The 'advertisement' encouraging beautiful Russian girls to marry Chinese men will affect Russia's population growth.”

Netizen “Andrea,” said that the advertisement is nothing surprising. She believes that Russians and Chinese make a good match for marriage and many Chinese men are very happy after marrying Russian women.

A “Discussion Topic”

The advertisement was posted as a collaboration between China Radio International and Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Project leader Mr. Jin stressed that the piece was a “discussion topic,” rather than an “advertisement.” The Chinese and Russian governments hope to promote online communication between young people of the two nations as part of the “Sino-Russian Youth Friendship Exchange Year.” The two sides plan to launch 100 online “discussion topics,” on culture, education, livelihood, employment, love, ideals, and more. The post on Chinese and Russian marriages is one of these topics.

Jin said that this one topic went viral among Russian youth over a short period of time. This of course, led some to misunderstand the post. “A lot of Russian young people thought that the post was an advertisement about getting married to Chinese men. People wondered, why must Russian women find a Chinese man to marry?” said Jin.

Jin said that this discussion deviated from the original point of the post which was: Chinese men are diligent about housekeeping, Russian women are cheerful and generous. “This is what many countries believe, we're just putting it up for discussion,” said Jin.

The Perfect Match?

Actually, Russian women marrying Chinese men is nothing new. In 2013, Russia's RIA Novosti published an article titled, “Chinese husband + Russian Wife: A Perfect Match.” In the article, a Chinese man married to a Russian woman said that, “Russian women are better than Chinese women in many aspects.” The article added that Russian women are interested in Chinese men because they do not drink and they work hard. Chinese traditional ethics are more attractive to them then Russia's culture of masculinity.

In 2004, Russian women Maria Liu spoke of her marriage to a Chinese man to the Global Times. Liu said, “Transnational marriage comes down to fate. Love happens regardless of nationality and ethnicity.” She said that Chinese men love their wives deeply and care for their kids, but life is often full of struggle and they are sometimes a little tired. “After all, everything they do is for their family.”

Source: Wenxue City

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Russians are poor, Chinese are poor, Chinese men have small p...., Russian women like money and have big breasts, Russia and China are both corrupted countries with bad governments with territorial demands = perfect match. I don't see a problem. Know a few couples actually. They seem happy together.

Jan 15, 2016 12:57 Report Abuse



“After all, everything they do is for their family.” Then why is China well-know for mistresses or Xiao sans? Many Chinese men find them as they are a symbol of social status. Is this FOR THEIR FAMILY? I agree that many Chinese women are gold diggers. That is why Chinese men are looking into Russian women. The author is correct.

Oct 18, 2015 02:40 Report Abuse



  (3)(0) exploitation of desperation

Jul 12, 2015 03:21 Report Abuse



we like big;)

Jul 06, 2015 03:15 Report Abuse



Dont tell the africans ...They will come in "Large" Numbers ...;-)

Jul 18, 2015 23:38 Report Abuse



Russian women dont like,as its much too small.

Jul 06, 2015 03:14 Report Abuse



Thanks Yaroslav.

Jun 27, 2015 08:00 Report Abuse



I am Russian. I have a few friends, who was married with Chinese men. The most of them already divorced and do not want again...

Jun 21, 2015 23:46 Report Abuse



Let me guess. Domestic violence? Openly seeing mistresses and bragging about it? Thinks that money makes him a living god? Lack of useful skills? Disregard for wifey's feelings? Feeling like a trophy wife that you take around to show off? One funny cultural difference for those women who want to marry Chinese men, within Chinese society, having mistresses is encouraged and give status to the men, only dirt poor farmers can't have mistresses, good luck to make them change their mind.

Jun 22, 2015 21:24 Report Abuse



...not really. Common causes are some passivity Chinese men and infantilism, sometimes sexual frustration of wifes

Jun 23, 2015 22:56 Report Abuse



I do not know who you are talking to. Most of the Russia wives I know are happily married to their Chinese husbands. I am not aware that even one couple has been divorced.

Oct 18, 2015 02:42 Report Abuse



Let's be real. Chinese men marrying Russian women for the white face, and to gain "face," Russian women marrying Chinese men because they are as severely intoxicated as Russian men are daily.

Jun 18, 2015 20:05 Report Abuse



Can we all just accept that anything from "Wenxue City" is just complete BS and should be ignored?

Jun 17, 2015 13:17 Report Abuse



exploitation of desperation

Jun 17, 2015 07:30 Report Abuse



opportunistic marketing

Jun 17, 2015 07:29 Report Abuse



Chinese boys bragging about their trophy Foreign wife. It's part of the us VS them mindset that Chinese have. Do you hear Foreign men bragging about their Chinese wife? Not at all. For every 1 CM/FW couple there is a hundred CW/FM couples, I understand that this exceptional case must be celebrated. Now Russia has a shortage of men, it's not like these Chinese guys are facing competition.

Jun 17, 2015 07:12 Report Abuse



Chinese men are becoming more popular amongst Russian women. A hint of jealousy there?

Jun 18, 2015 19:50 Report Abuse



Not a hint of jealousy, for each CM/FW couple I see there is a hundred FM/CF couples. Keep hoping. As for Russian women, they are infamous in Western Europe for being gold diggers, do you really think they truly love those Chinese men? LOL

Jun 20, 2015 16:22 Report Abuse



I have seen plenty of Foreign men bragging about their ugly Asian wives. 90% of the Asian wives next to foreign are ugly. The remaining 10% are not ugly. The foreign men actually think that they are attractive. They have very different standard. It has been like that for decades so why complain now. I agree that jealousy is the catalyst.

Oct 18, 2015 02:50 Report Abuse



Blimey Charley......if Russian birds look to Chinese men for partnering up then that tells me a fair bit about Russian blokes. Chinese men, by and large, are not worth a cracker.

Jun 17, 2015 00:51 Report Abuse



good show. exchange culture

Jun 16, 2015 14:38 Report Abuse



"The article added that Russian women are interested in Chinese men because they do not drink and they work hard. Chinese traditional ethics are more attractive to them then Russia's culture of masculinity." Lolwut? Russian women will be in for at least two big surprises. Though, at least they nailed the lack of masculinity.

Jun 16, 2015 12:41 Report Abuse



The perfect match under communists idea of marriage and human rights. lol

Jun 16, 2015 11:09 Report Abuse



Divorce rates will skyrocket

Jun 16, 2015 09:47 Report Abuse



if that doesn't soar check the extramarital affairs figures

Jun 16, 2015 11:36 Report Abuse