Poll: Americans Like China More Than Russia

Poll: Americans Like China More Than Russia
Mar 13, 2017 Translated by eChinacities.com

Editor’s Note: American citizens seem to be more wary of Russia than China, as suggested by a recent poll. This article translated from Chinese media shows how America is currently portrayed and indi

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Between March 1st and 4th, CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation sent a survey out to 1025 Americans about how they think about Russia. Results of the survey indicate 75 percent of Americans believe Russia to be a threat, the highest percentage since the Cold War. All of this in spite of the fact that, since taking office, Trump has repeatedly stressed that tensions between Russia and the United States will be eased. The administration has even considered removing economic sanctions on Russia. However, tensions and hostility of recent years felt by American people towards Russia cannot simply be melted away because the new government said so.

Hostility between America and the former Soviet Union during the half century Cold War era and tense relations after the breakup of the Soviet Union are already deeply engrained in the hearts and minds of Americans of that time. American is hyping the “threat of Russia”, particularly the ideas of some politicians and media outlets that Russia influenced American elections. This has caused public opinion toward Russia to be less than favorable, some Americans even seeing Russia as a lasting threat to their country.

A Long Story

The Enlargement of NATO lead by America in 1993 was ostensibly for taking in new members and aiding in mutual development. NATO forces and weaponry were deployed at Russian borders supposedly to protect the new NATO member states from the threat of Russia.

In actuality, the enlargement and the deployment of missiles around Russia’s border threatens the national and strategic security of Russia—and America knows this. Yet they continue in this fashion, because although the former Soviet Union has dissolved, the government still believes that the the successor to the Soviet Union, Russia, it’s weapon technology and nuclear arsenal are still a threat to America.

American Sentiments

On the 23rd of last month, Gallup Poll released the results of an opinion poll indicating that only 28 percent of Americans have a positive opinion of Russia. Those with negative opinions of the country reach upwards of 70 percent. The interesting thing is 50 percent of Americans have positive opinions of China, the highest recorded number in 30 years. Currently, 58 percent of Democrats, 53 percent of Independents and 38 percent of Republicans have positive opinion of China.

The survey also indicates that the countries that the largest number of Americans see positively are Canada (92%), the U.K. (91%) and Japan (85%). Syria, Iran and North Korea are the least liked countries, 17 percent,  12 percent and 11 percent of citizens holding positive opinions of the countries respectively.


From the opinion poll it can be seen that those Americans who agreed to participate believe that although China and America are more or less the major players of the 21st century, friction between the two countries is ever increasing. America even sees China as the most likely threat to their position as a global power. However, those surveyed believed Russia to be the greatest threat to America. 85 percent of Democrats, 77 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of Independents all believe Russia to be a relatively serious threat. Only 10 percent believe Russia does not pose any threat.

Of course, regardless of whether the “threat” of Russia being surveyed or the “positive opinions” of China, both only polled over one thousand people. It’s not possible that this represents the opinions of the majority of U.S. citizens, and its even less likely that it represents the opinion of the United States government. Looking at Trump’s governing style after taking office, it is possible that some changes may be made regarding American political strategy toward China and Russia. Just after taking office, Trump called Putin to discuss advancing relations. In regards to China, friction continues to increase. South Korea’s recent deployment of THAAD and “anti-China sentiments” all have America leading from behind. American speculation of “threat of China discourse” is not something that just happened over one or two years.

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Russians also like Chinese more then Americans (USA)

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americans like their own interest

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American love Russian more than China

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I'd say that the Americans have always been a little wary of the Russians. Did anybody watch Grease 2 when they were a kid? Lots of not so subtle metaphors there. What I think is strictly unnecessary is the picture of Trump salivating.

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check yahoo news and you will know how much americans love China

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I don't think most Americans would have much love for China, either. Maybe a more accurate title would be 'Americans fear China a little less than Russia'

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