Man Pays 5,000 Yuan for 4 Blind Dates: 3 are Terrible, 1 is a Prostitute

Man Pays 5,000 Yuan for 4 Blind Dates: 3 are Terrible, 1 is a Prostitute
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Editor’s Note: With so many dating site scam stories, it does not seem like the best time to find love online in China. In this story, a man contacts a seemingly reputable well-known dating site for a VIP membership and is sent to a shady matchmaking agency that has partnered with the site. The site set up him on what seems to be four careless and terrible dates, including one with a prostitute.  

Mr. Tan paid a matchmaking company 5,000 Yuan to set him up on four blind dates. The first date they set him up with was a prostitute, and the second and third did not call him back. The fourth date knew nothing about him. The company promised him more dates to make up for the terrible first four, but did not get back to him for months. Tan, hoping to find a bride before the holidays, decided to take his case for the press and ask for a partial refund.

Tan was born in Sichuan in 1980. He worked in a hardware factory and earns about 5,000 to 6,000 Yuan a month and owns a home. A few years ago he divorced his wife, and raised his teenage children himself. A few years later, Tan decided to remarry but had not found an appropriate partner. Last June, he registered with a well-known dating site and purchased a membership.

A Date with a Prostitute

“Under the guidance of the website, I went to the branch office in Dongguan and purchased a VIP membership,” said Tan. Tan and the dating site staff drew up a contact, and Tan agreed to pay 5,000 Yuan for four blind dates set up by the Dongguan branch of the dating company.

The company’s “marriage counselor,” asked Tan to fill out a form and write down the qualities he looks for in a partner. He wrote that he wants a wife with a “good character,” and is “gentle.”

Last July, the marriage counselor arranged Tan’s first blind date. “I felt pretty good about the date, we had dinner together and exchanged WeChat usernames and QQ numbers.”

When Tan returned home, the woman had sent him a message offering to hire herself as a prostitute. Her personal information included explicit photos. It was clear now that this was not an actual date. She tried to call Tan, but he was too nervous to pick up.

Three Bad Set-ups

Tan reported the incident to the marriage counselor. The counselor said that they would investigate and that he would arrange the second and third blind date. After each blind date, there was no contact between Tan and the women after their night out. Tan believed that the dates were not just meant to be. However, on the fourth date, he became angry and frustrated when the woman didn’t know his age, name, or birthplace.

“In accordance with the previous dates, the dating company should first give the parties each other’s basic information so they know a little bit about each other when they meet.” Tan started to get suspicious about the methods used by the dating company.

With his four opportunities lost, Tan had no girlfriend, or even a second date. The marriage counselor promised that Tan could have two extra blind dates for free. However, “since last October, every time I’ve called him, he said that there has not been any opportunities yet.” Tan added that he had wanted to have a wife to bring home for the holidays. Feeling helpless, Tan called a newspaper to ask for help.

“Love is Not a Right”

Yesterday, a reporter accompanied Tan to the matchmaking company’s offices. The company claims to be a branch of a famous dating site, however it is merely a matchmaking agency that has a partnership with the site. Tan asked the company to refund half the membership fee.

The marriage counselor said that according to company policy, male and female members must go through a complicated auditing process. They must provide proof of ownership of their house and car, real estate licenses, driver’s licenses, and more. The two members will be given information about each other before the meeting.

The marriage counselor told the media that the company will investigate the matter immediately and will still arrange two more blind dates for Tan in the future. “This kind of thing happens by fate, there are no rights to love. I could not just quickly introduce him to his wife,” said the counselor.

A well-known public relations firm said that it has opened an investigation of the dating site. If they find any issues, Tan must receive a refund.

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I probably won't use that service if I ever lived in China. As awesome as it would be to date a woman in China, it seems like this matchmaking service is expensive and isn't good at finding matches for people.

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Perhaps he would have done much better by reading a couple of books about relationships. That would be an investment in his future he could rely on.

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I'll do anything for 1 point

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Good luck Tan!

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yeah, a newspaper is what to call when you've got a problem...

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unfortunately here it is one of the best ways to get something done (unless it is about the government then you are just f*cked).

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So what's his problem? Man's looking for consuming item, with the purposes of takeaway, display and surely entertainment. Then he is presented with 3 weak products but free of charge, and 1 workable product with a price tag. Again, what's the problem? You treat your life expectations as a marketplace, what you get is a marketplace. Don't complain it lacks fantasy, aka free endorphine.

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Haha, interesting comparison :)

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