How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid Your Husband’s Mistress in China?

How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid Your Husband’s Mistress in China?
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Editor’s Note: Wealthy middle-aged women with unfaithful husbands in China often face a difficult choice: divorce their husband and lose their business partner or provider, or forgive their husband for his transgression and keep their comfortable lives. No middle-aged Chinese woman wants to rejoin the uber-competitive dating scene, and many have turned to “marriage consulting” agencies who promise to help get rid of unwanted mistresses.

How much does it cost to get rid of a mistress? Spain’s El Pais recently shared a story of a Chinese woman who hired a specialized company to help save her marriage.

38 year old Zhou Xia had started an import-export business with her husband. They have a six-year-old daughter together and a home worth 30 million Euros. Suddenly, everything she worked for was in trouble when she found that her husband had been cheating. Zhou decided to take action and hire a company to help solve her martial problems.

It’s Hard to Be a Divorced Woman
In the past, most women wanted to divorce their unfaithful husbands. Now, when there is money or a business on the line, they do not want their husband’s lover to win. Zhou said, “We earned everything we have together by working very hard. I will not let another woman sit back and enjoy our wealth. Furthermore, a rich man can easily find a new wife, but it is difficult for divorced women.”

Zhou hired a marriage consulting company with 15 years of professional experience counseling more than 50,000 couples. The company currently has three branches and has recently expanded their Shanghai office and hired 50 new employees. Three years ago, the company launched an innovative service to help families in crisis dealing with mistresses. The new service is very popular and has attracted many clients to the company. 

A spokesperson from the company said that 15 years ago, 80% of women would divorce their husband if he was unfaithful. Now, women will not let their husbands go as easily—they are willing to fight for their marriages.

How to Lose A Mistress in a Few Months
In a normal day the company handles 10 to 15 face to face sessions and 200 to 300 phone or Internet calls from clients. The company charges high fees for couples in need of counseling. A one hour face to face counseling session costs 2,000 Yuan, while services to help “discourage cheating,” costs as much as 200,000 Yuan.

The company has a reason for these high fees. In some cases, a counselor from the company will try to win the mistress’s trust by renting an apartment near hers, pretending to be a “good neighbor,” and offering advice. Other times, the company will hire a good-looking man to court the mistress to get her away from the husband. If all else fails, the company will offer the mistress cash to stay away from the family. It usually takes a few months for the company to successfully drive away a mistress.

A spokesperson said that when the company makes contact with the mistresses, many of the girls do not know that their lover is married. Many of the mistresses will stop seeing the husband once they are told that he is married and their relationship has no future. Some of the mistresses insist that their lover will divorce his wife for her. In this case, the counselor will point out that if the man was willing to leave his first wife, he will be willing to leave the mistress in the future.

Time to Let Him Go?
However, there are cases in which the man loves his mistress more than his wife. In these cases, the company advises the wife to accept the divorce and helps her get a settlement in her favor. As a result, the husband and wife are both happy and all issues are solved.

The company hires psychologists and lawyers, and candidates must have a marriage and family counseling certificate. The company prefers counselors over the age of 35, because they have an easier time winning the trust of mistresses.

Situations like Zhou’s are not uncommon in China. Infidelity a common problem amongst both Chinese couples and couples all around the world. However now wealthy couples in China have a second chance with the help of marriage counselors who can persuade the mistress to get out of the picture.

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The richer the man is, the more he is willing to find a younger woman to satisfy his need such as "hanging out with younger woman will make him feel younger, and being with a younger/more attractive woman, increases his status"

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Interesting article

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what's the ad look like: "Beat off that Mistress!"

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"You'll not only Love that we beat off his Mistress, you'll also love the many ways we can and will beat off his mistress"

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The majority of wives just look the other way, or even find a guy on the side themselves.Even making an agreement with the husband to keep the marraige for face, family and business.Most are too frugal to pay for such a service.

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That's what you get when you marry upwards. A rich man will only get richer and more attractive in the market; a beautiful woman will only get uglier and less attractive. It's the law of supply and demand. Deal with it!

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ya, i wolked so hald for my 30 mirrion eulo home ?! I so smalt! nevel mind i made my mirrions off the backs off the massive amounts of lowel crass chinese, the pheonomera of globarization, and a chinese-first/chinese onry policy in china.

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ya, blame the mistress...thats the ticket.

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This service can only exist in a brain dead lawless society.

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A good idea to help the problem. The women should also look at why the husband has had to look for a mistress in the first place. If a husband is sexually satisfied he is not going to be looking for sex with other women.

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Not true. Sometimes its out of boredom. Younger women are simply more beautiful.

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True that

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Disagree @ Englteachted. The older the berry the sweeter the juice!

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Money is the root of all evil.

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How is this money's fault? The stupid wife and unfaithful husband are clearly to blame.

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