Hangzhou Test-Taking Gang Caught When Beautiful “Student” Doesn’t Match Photo

Hangzhou Test-Taking Gang Caught When Beautiful “Student” Doesn’t Match Photo
May 23, 2016 Translated by eChinacities.com

Editor's Note: Ugly and dumb is no way to go through life. A student in Hangzhou hired a far prettier student to take her test for her, and got busted because, well, her face was busted and the test-taker was hot. Unfortunately, test-takers for hire and other cheating schemes are pervasive in Chinese universities. So much so that some of those involved did not realize what they were doing was so serious. The translated article reports on the story.

Last month, a strange incident happened at a university in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang. A very attractive woman entered the exam room half an hour after the start of the test. Half an hour before the end of the test, she got up to hand in her test and was taken away by a police officer on the spot. What happened?

“It’s From Before I Hit Puberty”
When the woman arrived to take the test, the investigator checked the picture on her exam ticket. The young woman was very beautiful and the picture on the ticket was not. Exam staff contacted the police and the police arrived on the scene to take the woman in for questioning.

“The photo on the ticket is not good, it is from many years ago, before I hit puberty,” said the woman. She said that she was just an undergraduate student taking her exam. Police and exam staff decided to investigate the incident further after the exam was over. Coincidentally, a policeman on the charge was also in charge of household registration. He looked at registration and census materials every day, and was sure that the woman was not who she said she was.

“We will be able to ascertain your true identity, I hope you take the initiative to tell the truth,” police told the woman. This made the woman cave in, and she admitted that she was taking the test in someone else’s place.

Teacher Zhou, Criminal Mastermind
The young woman was named Xiao Zhu (pseudonym), 19 and was a student in a university in Hangzhou. She had been contacted by a student named Xiao Qing, who hired her to take her test for 300 RMB. Police summoned Xiao Qing to the station for investigation. Xiao Qing said that she had been introduced to Xiao Zhu’s “business” through her male friend Zhou. There were also two other male students involved.

Zhou, 26 from Anhui often was a contract worker for a university in Hangzhou who often took tests for students. He was often hired by parents to help their children cheat on exams and was known as Teacher Zhou. 

Zhou confessed that in April 2015, a female student’s parents had sought him out and asked him to find someone to replace their daughter in an exam. Zhou charged the parents 5,000 RMB and hired Xiao Qing to take the exam for the student. In March 2016, Zhou received 12,000 RMB for using Xiao Qing to replace another student for a national exam. In the first half of 2015, Zhou arranged test-takers for three different families, earning 43,000 RMB.

Xiao Qing had then contacted Zhou with help for her own university exam. Zhou contacted Xiao Zhen and two other boys. Xiao Zhen agreed to pay Xiao Qing 300 RMB and the two male students 500 RMB each. 

“I Wasn’t Aware It Was So Serious”
Zhou is in detention under suspicion of cheating. The others involved (four test-takers, two parents, and four students) have been released on bail.

One of the college student test-takers told police, “I wasn’t fully aware that things were so serious, I was only doing it to earn extra money, like many college students looking for part-time work.”

“I knew it [finding someone else to take the test] was against the law, but we had paid hundreds of thousands for our child’s education and did not want to take any risks,” said one of the parents.

This was the first cheating case in Hangzhou investigated by public security organs. An amendment to the “People’s Republic of China Criminal Law,” implemented on November 1, 2015 states that cheating on a national exam is punishable by three years imprisonment or criminal detention or a fine. In more serious cases, it is punishable by more than seven years in prison and a fine.

Source: QQ News

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so the beautiful girl was the smart one and the ugly one was the dumb one. this is a old fable, chinese fairy tale right? the beautiful with brains and beauty has to sell her soul by sitting for tests for other people? there is an art school university with the beautiful girls dumb who major in art or music and have their married sponsors pick them up every Friday night for the mistress duties required in every city. the government officials make sure they join the local government sponsored art and music shows, theaters, etc so they know where their favorite piece of tail is at all times. perhaps she took a different path, one less followed, amazing actually. in chang ching, west of jinan, there are 7 universities all in close proximity to each other, the art university is easy to spot, on friday and saturday night, there will be 40 taxis in front of the gate, scattered among the paid drivers of the bmw and mercedes vehicles, the gates of the other 6 universities have no taxis, zero, but foreigners are not supposed to notice this slight discrepancy.

May 24, 2016 06:40 Report Abuse



Don't forget, this culture has a HUGE respect for education.

May 23, 2016 20:35 Report Abuse



Just shameful. And the parents would rather see their children cheat through life than learn valuable life lessons? Just shameful.

May 23, 2016 17:29 Report Abuse



only thing strange is they caught someone

May 23, 2016 17:25 Report Abuse



Lol what a burn to the real student. "Wait a minute, this girl is beautiful and the girl in the picture is ugly! Something ain't right." I feel like this would make a good movie. Beautiful girl using her brains to survive.

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has anyone ever been actually sent jail? How do the fines compare to what was earned "illegally"?

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