22 Years Later, Chinese-American Adoptee Thanks Beijing Police Officer Who Found Her as a Baby

 22 Years Later, Chinese-American Adoptee Thanks Beijing Police Officer Who Found Her as a Baby
Sep 26, 2016 Translated by eChinacities.com

Editor’s Note: This translated article reports on an emotional story of a young Chinese-American woman who was abandoned as a baby in Beijing and rescued by a local police officer. She was adopted by a family in the United States, and returned to China as a young woman to thank the policeman for giving her a second chance at life.

On September 19, a 23-year-old Chinese American woman named Fei Fei returned to Beijing’s Temple of Heaven to thank the local policeman who saved her when she was a baby. In 1994, Dongcheng policeman Hou Xiangwei rescued Fei Fei after she was injured and abandoned under a large tree near the park’s south gate. A middle school student reported seeing the baby to police, and Hou Xiangwei and his colleagues brought her in. Fei Fei had serious burns on her right hand, which was wrapped in a cloth. The police looked for her parents for three days and then gave her to a local orphanage. She was named Cao Feihao, and nicknamed Fei Fei.

An Abandoned Little Girl

Fei Fei grew up in the orphanage and was adopted by an American family when she was seven. As an adult, Fei Fei returned to China to thank the police that found her and try to find her birth parents. “I am grateful that I encountered such caring Chinese police,” she said.

“22 years ago, I was on duty and a student told me that he had seen a crying baby girl near the south gate of the Temple of Heaven,” said Hou Xiangwei. “We rushed to the scene and found a little girl who could not speak. Her right hand was wrapped in a thick layer of white cloth. We opened the cloth and saw that she had serious burns. We took her to Tiantan Hospital and she was treated for ten hours. We waited outside in the hall the entire time.”

After her surgery, Hou Xiangwei took the baby girl to the police station to stay in the female police dorm. The young girl behaved and did not cry or cause any trouble. Police donated toys and clothes and brought snacks for the young girl. Three days later, Hou Xiangwei brought her to the Beijing Children’s Welfare Institute. She was given the name Cao Feihao. Fei Fei lived with the other children in the orphanage for six years.

Adopted by Americans

In 2000, an American couple visited the orphanage and fell in love with Fei Fei. They adopted her and brought her back to the United States. Fei Fei has lived in the United States ever since. She quickly integrated herself into the family and became a top student at the local school. Her quick progress continued to surprise her parents.

Fei Fei traveled to China for the first time at age 15. She continued to travel back to China to volunteer in orphanages during the summer. Fei Fei said that she remembered the volunteers that had helped her when she was a child in the orphanage, and wanted to thank them and Hou Xiangwei from the bottom of her heart.

Reconnecting in Beijing

This May, Fei Fei returned to the Temple of Heaven Park police station and found officer Hou Xiangwei. Fei Fei started to cry when she met him and told him that he had given her a second chance at life. When Hou Xiangwei saw the baby girl he rescued had grown up to be a young woman, he became very emotional.

Hou Xiangwei had never imagined that he would be thanked for saving the girl 22 years later. However, when her American father learned about everything Hou Xiangwei had done for his daughter, he bowed deeply to the police officer to express his deep gratitude.

Fei Fei is happy in the United States, but is also eager to found her birth parents. “I am not angry with them or resentful,” she said. “They were forced make a difficult decision and it may have been the best choice for them.” Fei Fei said she would like to know when her real birthday is and hear stories about her childhood. She would also like to say thank you to her birth parents.

Fei Fei asked Hou Xiangwei to help her find her birth parents. Hou Xiangwei helped her send her story out to Chinese media to hopefully reach her birth parents.

Source: QQ News

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Good to hear.

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She was adopted by Americans because Chinese very rarely adopt children. Blood lineage is very important to the Chinese and "not my blood? don't care". That's why China has so many orphans. Fun fact, people in China can actually bypass the family planning policy if they adopt, they can have two children on their own (the limitation) and then adopt one or more as they wish, these adopted children will get all the benefits (local hukou, healthcare, education, etc...) like their own children, according to government regulations. But because of the importance of blood lineage, this almost never happens, and Chinese orphans are adopted by Westerners instead, probably living a better life in a West anyway. Adoption is an incredible act of selflessness, and I hope she never forget her adoptive parents, and treat them as her equally real parents, even if she finds her birth parents.

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Nice story

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Burnt, abandoned under a tree in the Temple of Heaven park and adopted by a good American family. It looks like Chinese Heaven made good their delivery address error. Her nickname at the orphanage fly-fly (chinese prounounciation) is also so coincidental...lol

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Nice story

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She must have learnt gratitude and forgiveness by, along with her classmates, reciting Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto everyday, in USA.

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and the rest of abandoned babies....

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