10 Ways Chinese Women and American Women Interact With Men Differently

10 Ways Chinese Women and American Women Interact With Men Differently
Jan 04, 2015 Translated by eChinacities.com

Editor’s note: This blog post, translated from Wenxuecity.com, is another rather America-centric comparison of Western and Chinese dating cultures. The article details ten important differences in the way that American and Chinese women view men and their relationships with men and draws conclusions that adhere to a lot of pre-existing stereotypes of Americans as more promiscuous and independent, and Chinese as Victorian era prudes.

In the eyes of Chinese men, American women are sexy and independent. In the eyes of American men, Chinese women are gentle and beautiful. However, due to different cultures and national conditions, Chinese women and American women see men differently. A variety of women gave us ten differences between the way that Chinese women and American women see and treat men.

1) Who Dominates the Marriage?
American women want to share their lives with men. They believe in equality and coexistence between husbands and wives. Chinese women adapt to the way that their husbands live. With Chinese women, we all know who comes first at home.

2) How They Feel About Sex
The first time an American woman and her husband have sex, it is embarrassing. However, after the first time, everything is natural and fun. When a Chinese woman and her husband have sex for the first time, he must dedicate himself to her because her virginity is precious. Then, the husband will have to continue to incessantly pester her to continue.

3) How They Act with Their Husbands
American women want to find a husband in order to find a best friend. In China, a relationship between a husband and wife is full of fighting, arguing and tantrums.

4) Why They Have Sex
In the United States, a woman and her husband have sex in order to make the woman (and the man) happy. In China, a woman has sex with her husband in order to create the next generation of her family. This is followed by a lifetime of dedication.

5) Who They See as Handsome
American women see their husbands as the most handsome man in the world. Chinese women see Korean idols and celebrities from the United Kingdom as the most handsome men in the world.

6) What They Call Their Husbands
In the United States, women call their husbands “Dear.” In China, women call their husbands “Damn!”

7) How They Feel About Being Taken Care Of
In the United States, husbands and wives are considerate towards each other and care for each together. American women cherish this and care for their husbands in return when their husbands care for them. In China, if a husband takes care of his wife too much he may be called “henpecked.”

8)  On Having Friends of the Opposite Sex
After American women get married it most likely won’t be a problem to have a friend of the opposite gender. In China, after women get married, this would be an issue.

9) When They Don’t Get Married
In the United States, older unmarried women are reluctant to marry because they have already formed fixed patterns of thought and behavior. They do not want to change and make sacrifices in order to find a new partner. In China, women’s greatest fear is being “leftover” so no wonder they rush into marriage and get married for the sake of it.

10) When They Get Divorced
In America, if a husband has an affair and the couple divorce, the wife will punish the husband as the two must divide their possessions and assets equally. In China, if a husband has an affair the wife will punish the mistress, and she stews in misery and regret.


Source: wenxuecity.com

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Yep, I have to agree with the person who termed this "the Stupidest article I've read on ECC" it really is. Chinese woman rock! I think they are much less inhibited than the writer of this so called article suggests. Of course the virgins who are saving themselves, I've never dated any of them because I'm too old. Most women are selfish harpies who need a good plugging no matter what race they are. Most want a man to take charge and treat them like crap. Most seem to prefer the "Bad Boys". They don't want to fool around with those little emperors and their little "Rice dicks" (Eddy Murphy quote)

Jan 09, 2015 15:24 Report Abuse



Guys, you are so self-centered and think you are the best in the world, big laugh to all of you. I think that Chinese men are amazing. They can be extremely considerate, gentle and masculine too. I would prefer them to any other race and nation. (As long as they are in my taste but unfortunately, too few are).

Jan 09, 2015 02:01 Report Abuse



what a terrible article.... somethings I agree but most of it I don't. Apparently who wrote that thinks american girls are perfect and chinese women the opposite. In the time I've been living in China I had 2 girlfriends... and didn't happen any of those bad things, my current girlfriend just gets a little jealous when I talk with other female friend but is not such a big deal, about sex.... she pretty much enjoys it as me and even more. about marriage is hard for chinese woman to stand the parents pressure to get married before 25, is something I don't like about chinese culture. In my case my girlfriend told me her mother tells her she should get married this year but she doesn't plan that yet because as me she prefers to wait and keep working a later in the future consider that marriage thing

Jan 08, 2015 19:11 Report Abuse



Every country have have their own Culture differences. Chinese women and American what about other Countries.

Jan 08, 2015 16:15 Report Abuse



Stupidest article I've read in a long time! My last girlfriend here was a divorcee who had been married for 5 years and never had an orgasm until she met me. Goes figure

Jan 08, 2015 15:11 Report Abuse



I don't think I have ever read such crap in my life. Who writes this rubbish? Typical nonsense from yet another Chinese media source. I think it's brilliant that the writer naturally assumes all Chinese women are virgins before marriage. Talk about having your head in the clouds! A few points were missed here. 1) In China, the wife will constantly throw tantrums and act like a spoiled child if she doesn't get her way. 2) in China, the wife will make the jellyfish husband carry her handbag. 3) In China, the wife will physically assault the husband in public.

Jan 05, 2015 20:39 Report Abuse



Oh my god, what a goldmine of stupidity. --- 1. Chinese men are not considerate in relationships. Yet they still feel resentful when they see a Chinese woman with a foreign man. --- 2. "Then, the husband will have to continue to incessantly pester her to continue." HAHAHA! Really? Is that your experience? Your girlfriend never wants to have sex with you "because she's Chinese"? I am puzzled, because I find Chinese women to be insatiable in bed. Hmmm... --- 3. Yep. --- 4. Like American women, Chinese women who have experienced pleasure in bed will expect to be pleasured. Your girlfriend has not had this experience. Samsara would happy to redress the deficit though. No really, it would be my pleasure. --- 5. Some women find masculine men attractive. Some women find effeminate men attractive. Some women find women attractive. What all women have in common is that they don't find Chinese men attractive. --- 6. You've already established that women don't like Chinese men as partners. --- 7. You have no comprehension of the emotional, intellectual and physical stimulation that women need in a relationship. Unfortunately, none of these needs can be fulfilled by you watching war dramas, visiting KTV or masturbating. --- 8. If you leave your partner physically and emotionally unsatisfied, what do you suppose will happen? I agree that it would be sensible not to trust other males with your unsatisfied partner. --- 9. In the West, women get married if they want to. Which seems a good way of doing things when you think about it. --- 10. The assumption that [divorce] = [man was cheating] says a lot about your society. --- In closing, Samsara would like to thank Chinese males for their incompetence and ignorance, which are of great benefit to we laowai - Educators of Chinese women in the ways of love for the last 5000 years. And (as Chinese men never accept personal responsibility, or make an effort to change) probably for the rest of all time.

Jan 05, 2015 00:12 Report Abuse



Most Americans cannot physically have sex...they are simply too fat or obese...

Mar 16, 2015 02:35 Report Abuse



I love this type of writing. Some dumb ass writing about American and Chinese women when they have 0 experience with either.

Jan 04, 2015 20:53 Report Abuse



1) The husband is the boss, until her parents disagree, which is always. Had a good laugh about that one.

Jan 04, 2015 18:08 Report Abuse



Wow, this article is very anti-Chinese women.

Jan 04, 2015 16:10 Report Abuse



Some accurate points, and some less accurate ones. Married with a Chinese woman for a few years... About sex, Chinese are enjoying it as much as anybody else, and will miss it. The Victorian era prudishness makes them less direct about it, but they are human beings with the same needs, which include enjoyable sex (ie. not 1 mn of humping with no preliminary). For the fighting and accepting female friends, yes, but discussing it, being patient and not buckling without a good reasons can improve that a lot.

Jan 04, 2015 12:19 Report Abuse



-bunch of drivel...plenty of chinese girl aren't virgins and many live together before marriage... --Shanghai women are famous for bossing men around... -Chinese women don't enjoy sex they have it too have children...What? This whole thing reads like a fantasy.

Jan 04, 2015 11:52 Report Abuse



Really hits the nail on the head on all points. Incisive and really speaks to the heart of the issues. All round great piece of writing, and so informative too. Both for men and women, of all laowai descent.

Jan 04, 2015 09:58 Report Abuse